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3. Raining Diet Coke

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How To Screw Up Your Next Meeting

Let’s Get This Meeting Started…The Right Way!

I know an editorial assistant at ELLE magazine who reports how his boss, the Editor in Chief no less, handles meetings with grace and ease. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: ELLE magazine, high fashion publication, snooty employees and an even snootier boss…it’s The Devil Wears Prada!

However, let me reassure you, this is hardly the case. It’s not an ice-cold office environment with high heels and even higher upturned noses. In fact, my friend assures me it’s actually quite pleasant, and everyone, including Mrs. EIC, is a joy to work with.

Like I said, he cites weekly editorial meetings as an example as to why ELLE is a great working environment. You think these meetings are those types you see in movies: all the employees gathered round a table chatting and as soon as the boss walks in–stern faced as…

Read the rest of the article here.

Raining Diet Coke

I went to the National Speakers Association conference in San Diego and roomed with my pal Steve Spangler.

He started the whole viral craze around Diet Coke and Mentos (really, he did!) and at the conference I helped (barely) as he sent up 158 bottles of coke and drenched a bunch of totally psyched up kids.

Check out the video here, and you’ll (occasionally) hear my voice. (I filmed a huge part of it.)

It’s fun. Steve’s a great guy, and the product is totally cool.


Click this link to HEAR me tell you a joke that is safe for you to share with your work mates, your pals, and even your boss!

PS. Turn up your speakers!

PPS. I’ve recorded several jokes on this page… I dare ya to listen to just one.


Click this link to HEAR me tell you a joke that is safe for you to share with your work mates, your pals, and even your boss!

PS. Turn up your speakers!

PPS. I’ve recorded several jokes on this page… I dare ya to listen to just one.

Shameless Advertising

I was interviewed by my pal Rebecca Morgan for a teleseminar for the SpeakerNetNews.

It was successful, fun, and I think you’ll love it.

Besides, it’s cheap. : ) Get the details here.


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Since you’re still here, here’s a video of a flash mob performance in Seattle. I love it for two reasons. One, the energy is undeniable. I’d love to be part of one, and I’d love to witness one. Second, what killer marketing for the TV show. Hire some dancers, and let YouTube have it’s way. I wish I had thought of it.

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