SALES Motivation
For Top Sales Pros

Trying to push your sales team over the top?  We all need motivation, but what does that mean for high performing sales team?  Sales speaker Brad Montgomery focuses on the People Side of the Business to help your team improve their numbers.

What does Positivity have to do with  Sales?

Great sales people already know the tricks of the trade and often don’t need another talking head telling them sales techniques, strategies and gambits.  But routinely, that is what they get at conferences and sales meetings. Brad offers something different. 

Your team already knows how to Ask for the Sale, Close the Deal, and Negotiate like pros. Brad promises NOT to talk about those sales strategies and tactics. Instead, Brad will focus on on the people side of sales.

He’ll remind your sales team that they are people serving people. And when Brad powerfully reminds them of focusing on these basic truths of our humanity you can see the heads start to nod in agreement. Brad will inspire your folks to go back to basics and focus on the relationship.

When we focus on making our clients better through encouragement, acknowledgement and by building them up, sales follow. And they follow in a big way.

Brad’s keynote speeches emphasize positivity and encouragement. He teaches audiences that positive relationships increase success in all aspects of life. It helps us as people. It helps our careers and our organizations. It improves our relationships. It improves our sales.

When you bring Brad in as a sales motivational keynote speaker, he lays the ground work for becoming better at your job by becoming more engaged. And statistics show that happy and engaged people are more productive at work and more successful in relationships.

Fire up your next Sales Meeting
With a proven Sales Expert.

Brad is a proven sales motivational speaker who can ignite your sales group with positivity and move them forward with a new attitude that is sure to increase the bottom line—all with laughter as a backdrop.

Book Brad as a motivational speaker for your next sales team meeting and be ready for:

Fresh attitudes

Increased engagement

Improved relationships

A renewed sense of purpose

Increased productivity

A more motivated sale force

All translating into greater sales and a more successful team. You can’t afford to not book Brad. Call us today to get Brad on board for your next sales meeting and be ready for a transformational and inspiring keynote that will increase your bottom line.

motivational speaker audience

Better Relationships.  Better Sales.

Brad Montgomery has been a sales person his entire adult life.  He’s successfully run a company built on sales.  (If he doesn’t sell, he doesn’t eat.)  Don’t kid yourself… in Brad’s industry sales is king. (Who are we kidding?  Sales is king in EVERY industry.) 

Companies and associations across the country have loved Brad’s non-traditional motivational sales keynotes because they focus on building relationships, and acknowledging that although sales tactics and skills are important, they are totally insufficient. Your people can sell more by helping their clients BE more.

 Give us a call to find out how Brad can best serve your group. 303.691.0726