More than Just a Speaker: The Best Public Speakers Deliver More

More than Just a Speaker: The Best Public Speakers Deliver More

How to Get the Best Value from Motivational Speakers — And From Brad

Here’s the bottom line: use Brad for more than just the keynote motivational speakers Yes, of course Brad loves to be your motivational speaker. He’s good at it, and he does “just” the keynote a bunch. But his favorite clients — the clients that call again and again — are the ones that ask Brad to contribute in as many ways as possible.

Let’s be honest: it’s very hard to create lasting change in a single episode. In a single 60 or 90 minute keynote. Yes, we can make a good start. Yes, we can plant the seeds. Yes, we can get them thinking and talking and feeling. But creating permanent behavior change takes follow up. It takes commitment. It takes more than one episode.

We recommend a two-tier approach:

1. Ask Brad to do More at your event.

2. Ask for Brad’s help in creating a follow-up system or program.

What? He’s More than a Motivational Speaker?

First, get Brad to be more than the keynote speaker. Here is a TINY sample of what Brad can do for you:

• Breakout or concurrent sessions.
• Emcee (Master of Ceremonies.) Keep the energy on high to keep the learning on high.
• Add a teamwork event.
• Add a networking skills (a hands on, roll up your sleeves) event that will make a difference.
• Add a grand finale confetti send off. (It’s hard to explain, but trust us…you want it.)
• Book Brad to create a one-of-a-kind Instant Flash Mob. Again, impossible to explain. Check out the video. This is the singe experience your people will talk about, Facebook, Text, and talk about well after the event is over.

Consider Hiring Brad to Consult with You about Maximizing Your Event

Yes, you still need your meeting planner. Brad loves them. But meeting planners love Brad because he makes them look like rock stars. The best motivational speakers travel the world and speak at hundreds of events each year. Wouldn’t you like to know what they’ve seen that works? What “good ideas” totally failed? Sure you do. Just ask Brad to help.

He’ll so an “energy audit” to predict when the energy will be high, and when it will drag.

And Brad will help “fix” those slower moments to keep the fun on high, the learning on high, and the value on high.

He can do everything to help with the flow, with the timing, with the speakers, …with everything. Just ask.

What will you do to follow up with the message after Brad is gone? What System Do You Have In Place to Maximize the Impact?

Let’s face it: having Brad in for a keynote is great. People will be excited and ready to rock. But this really should be just the beginning. It’s hard to create lasting behavior change in 60 or 90 minutes. Brad is good… Heck, he’s won the highest honor in speaking… He is literally one of the best motivational speakers in the world. But no good program comes without follow-up.

Most meeting planners use Brad as the beginning. His keynote is simply an episode. A huge, exciting and energetic episode. But a single episode nevertheless. So the next question should be, “What shall we do to make this the most awesome beginning to lasting change for our people and for our organization?”

If you’re interested in making more than a splash, give us a call and ask us what we recommend. Brad has experience with:
• Email Follow Up
• Podcast Follow Up
• Video Follow Up
• In-Person Follow Up. (This technique is one of his favorites… To come back and have a facilitated discussion. “How is it going? What do we need to work on?”)
• Webinars or tele-seminar follow-ups.

The biggest question about follow-up is whether or not you are serious about change. Do you just want a speaker to come and knock it out of the park during the meeting or convention? Or do you want somebody to help solve real problems to help your people perform at their very best? If you are interested in lasting change, you should be interested in follow-up. Give us a call and let us know that you’d like our help in designing a system that meets your people’s needs.

Guaranteed. It’s Our Policy.

First, a note about Brad’s warranty. For years Brad was more than willing to offer his clients money back if they were not satisfied. And after doing this for more than a quarter of a century he is proud to say that nobody has ever asked. Ever.
One day he realized that this policy was actually a guarantee. And if he is a guaranteed motivational speaker, why not advertise it. So Brad does. Here it is: guaranteed or your money back.

But to be honest, Brad understands that the biggest risk in hiring a speaker for your meeting or event is not the fee you pay that speaker. The biggest risk is that your speaker will be somewhere between mediocre and horrible. You will have wasted an incredible opportunity. You have wasted the time for your audience… And when you are dealing with an audience that comes in from all over the country or the globe this cost is huge.

Yes, the speaker fee is sometimes pricey. But when you compare it your opportunity cost of having a horrible event, the fee is the least of your worries.

Furthermore, when you compare the speaker fee to the cost of your meals, the coffee breaks, the closing ceremony, all of the travel costs, the various taxicabs, airplanes, hotels,… You name it… You are highly invested in this meeting. You need more than a guarantee that you can get the speaker’s feedback. You need a guarantee that your speaker will rock the house in a way that is meaningful, valuable, and helpful. And yes… We guarantee that as well.

What now? Contact us about bringing Brad in to your event.

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