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Mood Boosting Hacks

Easy Ways to Improve Your Day

Let’s face it;  you’re normal. But that also means that you deal with the occasional blues, the off-days, and at times some really tough weeks. No sweat…I’ve got your back.

Here are three sure fire, based-in-science*, and crazy-simple ways to turn a bad day into a good day, and to morph a good day in to a great day.   

And for those of you looking for extra credit?  See if you catch the common thread about these mood-boosting strategies**.  Get ready to boost your happiness…

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Three ways to boost your mood

#1 Give compliments

Giving compliments to others is a great way to improve your own mood.

When we make others feel better about themselves, there’s a bonus. We feel better too.   Power Tip: Don’t fake it.  For this one to work, you’ve got to mean it. 

What are you waiting for? Tell your kid they are having a good hair day.  Or your work mate you loved the way they handled the meeting.  Or your spouse or partner that you love the way they cook (even if it’s just toast).  

#2 Write a thank you note  

The act of writing a thank you note and offering your appreciation to someone has a great impact on your own mood.  Guess what?  Writing a thank you note via email or text is just as effective.

When I ask you, “Who in your life deserves a note right now?” I know that your mind instantly went to that one person.  Get busy, and knock that sucker out now.  

#3 Do something creative

Tapping into your creative side has a huge influence on your mood.  Sing, draw, play, craft, anything. Even spending a small amount of time fostering creativity in your life promotes a positive mood boost.

What do I do?  I’m a drummer, so I drum.  But sometimes I cook, take a few artsy photos with my phone (yeah, it’s a thing— I’ve been learning from YouTube), or even garden. 

I’m here to share a secret with you—meaningful progress is real.  We can’t control our lives, but we can control our moods.  And even small adjustments in our daily lives can have a huge impact on ourselves and those around us.   

Get busy, ramp up the positivity toward others, and watch how your day improves.

  • The short story on these techniques is that these simple tasks of investing in other people spill dopamine into your system.  (Dopamine plays a major role in the motivational component of positive moods and reward-motivated behavior.  Wanna read more?  Check out the How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomiroksy).

** If you noticed that all three techniques are based around focusing on OTHER people, together with a dose of Good Old Fashioned Gratitude, good for you.  You get to go to the head of the line.  

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker Brad Montgomery has been helping audiences improve their moods and boost their happiness and positivity for decades.His current topic, Embrace Your Awesomeness, focuses on getting more out of yourself and those around you. Call us to find out how Brad can make your next meeting epic.

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