What would it mean to you if, for two dollars, you could buy yourself a little happiness AND make somebody’s day? Would you do it? Is that worth 8 quarters to you?

In this podcast I interview fellow motivational humorist speaker and Colorado pal Scott Friedman. For years Scott has made it part of his life to give away $2 bills whenever possible. As tips in restaurants, for good service in airporats (where, by the way, tipping is not normal) and even for a just-for-fun gift for folks for no good reason.

This humor ritual helps keep Scott motivated. For him it is an important reminder of his brother. But it is also a way for Scott to give people a smile, to give them something unusual that they value, and to generally make their day

The premise is that the percieved value of the $2 bill is WAY more than just $2. Give somebody two singles and they shrug… and depending on where you are, it might be a lousy tip. But give that seame person a $2 bill and they put it in a special pocket where they “save” stuff. They won’t spend that… it’s just too valuable.

I caught up with Scott in Colorado where we recorded this podcast about giving and humor rituals. You’ll love it.

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Humorist Speaker, Friend of Scott Friedman, Can Be Bought for $2

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