boeing image logoHey Boeing! It was a total blast to be part of your event in St. Louis. As a surprise to you, (How Cool is That!?) here’s a brief follow-up video to remind you of some of the fun stuff we covered when we were together on Last Tuesday.

Here’s an ethical bribe: leave a comment (scroll down and leave it below) and tell us what YOU are doing or thinking differently based on our time together and I’ll send you a gift.  No silly….not a crystal bowl.  But it’s fun.  It’s free.  And it’s my treat.

Here’s a very casual (which translates to “I made it with my phone!”) video I created in the St. Louis airport just for you.  Thanks again… and don’t forget to comment. Cheers and thanks.

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Thanks Boeing. It was my distinct pleasure!

Have a great day….. and don’t forget the bribe: leave a comment below about what you learned and are doing differently and I’ll send you a treat!

For those of you who prefer to read, here is a transcription:
Hi friends it’s Brad Montgomery from I put together a special video just for you because I wanted to thank you for all of your time and attention today.  But also to remind you of what we covered today because I know since then you’ve had some difficult times, you’ve had like what, 10,000 emails, all kinds of emergencies, let’s see if we can’t remind you how to connect happiness to your bottom line.  Because remember the concept was that if we enjoy our time at the link we are going to be better and more productive and more efficient, more effective at Boeing.  So how do we do that? You know how. Remember all that fun we had this morning? The laughing and the joking and the carrying on, that feeling is to go, you’re job is to bring it back home and especially bring it back to Boeing because it will make it you better and because you know how.

Here’s the 3 points we covered this morning. First, I want you to find happiness. Find things that remind you that life is good. I mean how cool is it to work for Boeing? You’re involved with the space shuttle. You know, you see planes landing every single day that you guys have a piece of supporting. How cool is that?  How cool is it that you just finished up a really cool administrative admin week, how cool is that?  How cool is it that you’re getting a reminder video from a guy, Brad Montgomery that you’ve already forgotten about? How cool is that? I’m at the airport in St. Louis getting ready to take off to go home and it’s going to be a Boeing plane. Woo Hoo! How cool is that!? So the first step is a gratitude piece, find things that remind you that life is good.

The second step is a choice. I want you to choose happy, think happy. Remember that if you want to enjoy your life at home and especially your life at work, part of the equation is deciding that you want to enjoy your time at Boeing. So either that has to be a conscious decision, do you want to have a good time or not? I’m thinking you do. I want to make sure you make that conscious decision.

Now finally, there’s an active piece. You’ve got to be physically active in doing something that creates levity, light-heartedness, joy, humor, fun at work. So I don’t know what this means for you. Maybe it means you really do put a magnet in your coffee cup and drive around St. Louis or maybe it just means you make a point to bring some humor to work. You play at work, you put a clown nose on, I don’t care, do something. Whatever it is, do something.

Finally, I just wanted to remind you how much I appreciated being part of it. It was very cool to be in the Boeing building with you guys in St. Louis. It was very fun to be your motivational speaker, but the coolest part was watching your faces start from kind of serious and busy and over-worked and end where you ended just feelings to go. You people deserve it, you’ve been working hard.  Life has not been easy lately and I know you guys work hard at Boeing, you deserve to really enjoy it. So find happy, choose happy, act happy.

There’s more stuff at including a bribe.  All right, so here’s the bribe, if you leave a comment, there’s a button, I don’t know where the buttons are.  Look down, there’s a button and leave a comment and tell me what specific thing are you doing or thinking differently based on our time together.  If you tell me what you’re doing or thinking differently, what I’ll do is I’ll send you a gift.  No, it’s not a Ford Explorer. No, it’s not a space shuttle.  But it’s cool and it’s my treat and all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what you’re doing differently based on our time together.

All right, thank you so much, if you have any questions or comments let me know. You can contact me through the website right here and really thank you so much, just an absolute pleasure to be part of it.  Have a great day Boeing.  Thanks Admins.

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  1. Ruby Clifton
    Ruby Clifton says:

    The first hurdle to be crossed by a Motivational Speaker is to make his audience happy, so that they can co-relate with him, and give him all the attention he deserves. Once the Speaker has his audiences’ ears, he can mould his talks to their interest and achieve the desired results in the shortest span of time.

  2. Lindsey Byers
    Lindsey Byers says:

    As part of the admin week planning team, we were so pleased with your presentation! Your presenation was so relevant to our community and the daily work that we do. I am so glad you took time out to come and teach us how to let loose, and to remember the little things that make life so great. (even tulips!!) Hope to see you at future events :)

  3. Candy Duppass
    Candy Duppass says:

    I for one, thoroughly enjoyed your seminar at Boeing. I am generally a cheerful person already, but you passed on tools that I am trying to share with my group. I have already been passing on the Find Happy, Choose Happy, Be Happy concept to those in our group who can be quite negative at times. I think it is working!

    Thanks again for bringing us such an enjoyable lesson!!

  4. Karen S. Smith
    Karen S. Smith says:

    Brad, your presentation far exceeded any that I’ve ever attended in my 37 years at Boeing. How cool is that?!

    You brought home the point that if we choose HAPPY – we’ll feel happy. I’ve always been a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine. From years of working on proposals at McDonnell Douglas, I realized that if you’re going to survive long days and working week ends, you better learn to laugh. Laughter alleviates stress (which is a constant in our lives)and makes the work more fun. I had a father who always shared the gift of laughter and that may be the richest blessing I received.

    Thanks for your positive attitude, energy, and “How Cool Is That” attitude. It will help us to be more productive, balance stress, and promote good health for ourselves and our co-workers.

    I welcome the opportunity to participate in another one of your workshops! Keep up the good work – clown nose, coffee cup, etc! You’re AWESOME!

  5. Susan R Ciaramitaro
    Susan R Ciaramitaro says:

    You actually made me realize how lucky I was to be working at Boeing. I You definitely pointed that out many times and I am trying to be more aware of how I present myself here at work and to be more friendly with my co-workers. It doesn’t hurt to joke around a little bit at work and talk about what you did over the weekend, etc.
    If you are happy at work it makes the work day fun and it goes by faster and you carry that some attitude home to your family and friends.

  6. Heather Parisi
    Heather Parisi says:

    Things I have done since your laugh-o-nomics seminar. Well I have been more grateful for everything I have and everything that makes me say “how cool is that”. I don’t wear a clown nose to work everyday but I imagine it’s on and just doing that helps me smile and enjoy life and work more. I just bought a dog toy and I plan on taking out the sqeaker and having a little fun. It makes me smile just imaging people’s reactions, especially my two year old daughters reaction. I loved your seminar and it really inspired me. We were lucky to have you visit us here at Boeing and I do hope you return.

  7. Michelle Mitchaner
    Michelle Mitchaner says:

    Brad, Your motivational talk was the highlight of the week! How cool is that….you remembered us and sent us a video!!! I love to make the crabby admin crazy by reminding her “How Cool is That”….all day. Looking forward to the tic tac gift. Take care and THANKS!

  8. Brad Montgomery
    Brad Montgomery says:

    Aw shucks. You Boeing folks rock. I’ll be in touch soon….great ideas…who else is out there? Other ideas anyone? What did you get out of the keynote in St. Louis?

  9. Sherri Schwartzman
    Sherri Schwartzman says:

    LOVED THE PRESENTATION Brad! I’ve told so many other people at work and in my personal life about you and how work should be fun. The one thing I’ve been doing is each day I do look for something to be able to say “how cool is that” and then share it with co-workers. I’ve also encouraged/challenged them to do the same. I even bought my nephew a clown nose (with glasses) for his recent birthday!! Thanks so much for sharing. Really hope to see you again some day!!

  10. Kathy Waters
    Kathy Waters says:

    I got my squeeky toy a day after your presentation and it works great. My co-workers have begged for control of it (even better than the TV remote control). Thanks for all the tips and making our OA Celebration something to really remember and apply.

    Having established a blended family (my husband helped, of course), there are many times when laughter is needed to lighten our get-togethers. You reminded me how important that is and it has helped alot!

    Thanks for the fantastic “performance.” I continue to laugh about the “tulips” around the garden and they’ve already traded them out for the next seasonal plants!

  11. Judy Seibert
    Judy Seibert says:

    Brad: I really enjoyed your presentation. My twin sister was one of the admins who came up on stage and helped out with one of your presentations. I never knew she could be so funny. I do believe that your event was the best one of the week, and I am doing my best to try to bring that same feeling here back in the office. Thanks again!

  12. Jane Seibert
    Jane Seibert says:

    Brad: I really enjoyed your presentation,…you even got me up on the stage to act out the skit, which is something I normally don’t do (plus I’m still getting comments on my shoes – LOL!). I always try to have a lot of fun in the office and have various toys on my desk to create humor in my group, so now I know I’m not alone – heh! Thanks again for giving us such a great presentation! :D

  13. Val Bauman
    Val Bauman says:

    Hi Brad, I know it’s been a couple months since you came to our Admin Week, but I just wanted to let you know that I have printed out a jazzy PowerPoint chart that says “HOW COOL IS THAT!” and hung it up at my desk. It’s to remind me everyday of the great things I have going on in my life. Thanks for the motivation and the laughs!

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