One more from the military speaker photo vault! I was working with Armed Forces Communication Association  and spoke to a wonderful mix of military, civilian and retired military.  But one of my favorite parts was AFTER the event when i was talking to Both Brigadier General Dwyer Dennis and Col. Greg Petriquin. They both have wonderful senses of humor, and spoke to me about how they carefully (and thoughtfully) use humor and levity as part of their leadership style. I was impressed with how much they had thought about it… But of course all leaders know about the power of humor.

It was an honor, gentlemen. Thanks so much.

Col. Petrequin proceeded to explain how when he was posted in Guam he had some fun Dress Mess shirts made…. And then he showed me. As you can see, when he’s ready to be formal, he’s just another sharp military leader. But if he takes off his jacket, he revealed some crazy loud party pattern sleeves.

It’s a total pattern: people with the most stressful jobs are run by people with the best senses of humor.  Emergency room nurses, firemen, policemen, and military people have tough jobs…they NEED to understand how to blow off steam in a safe and effective way. And big shocker… The Colonel has a terrific understanding about how to have fun in a way that is totally consistent with his job.

Ok….I’m off my soapbox now. Thanks so much guys. It was fun. It was educational. And it was an absolute honor.

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Brad Montgomery
Military Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Fan of Fun Leaders!

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