I was a motivational speaker at an Air Force event a while back. If anybody deserves a visit from a humorist, it had to be that group. Check out this very cool, very makes-me-feel-awesome letter from one of the Air Force folks in the audience:


I am sure that you don’t remember me but we met two years ago at the Air Force Sergeants Association conference in Orlando, Florida. Since your presentation I have been looking for that “little bit of magic” in everyday life.
I was asked tonight about my thoughts about deployment and what others might be thinking or feeling about the location that they are in and the location that we are in (thank God we are in a less dangerous location).

I thought about the little bit of magic that you talked about when you gave your motivational presentation.  If I can get that person to say “How cool is that” where we are then I am doing ok.

I have longed to get a “squeeker” out of a child’s toy and have fun with the people that I am deployed with.

I know that this is lame and I don’t blame you if you don’t want to answer… you have any little tidbits of wisdom that I can use on my folks to get them to smile.  I have been working with them for about 2 months now (give or take a week), and I think they might be getting a little tired of my bad jokes (but I still get a sad smile and a head shake so I am not giving up).

I dont care if they think “Hey the Shirt (slang for 1st Sergeant) is goofy”…… I live for Goofy.

You may never know (although I hope you do) how much of a difference you have made on the many lives that you touched that August day in 2007.   I can not say THANK YOU enough.

Please keep up the good work and thank you again for your support of our fighting men and women. I am just a crusty old reservist that has more grey hair than sense but if I can help make a person smile then I can retire a happy man.

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!


Tony… you made my day. And … it’s you who rock. (Ok..we both rock.) I’m absolutely floored. Thanks so very much for taking the time and trouble to reach out to me. I work for hundreds of audiences a year, and in this goofy motivational speaker job, you just never know if anybody is really listening. So hearing from you was like a tonic. And now I don’t even need the gin.

I think that Tony is asking the right question:  how can I make this job more bearable and fun for my team?  The answers aren’t always obvious, even to me — and I think about this stuff a bunch. But the very fact that Tony is thinking about it makes him a better manager, a better leader, and a better friend. He’s the kind of guy we’d all like to work for… the kind of leader who is trying to make things better for the rest of us.

Hey Military audiences!  (And corporate groups… I’m not picky.) If YOU need a motivational speaker or humorist or keynote speaker or…. if you need a laugh and a solid connection to what you are trying to accomplish at work… I hope you’ll pick me.  Contact me here.

Brad Montgomery
Air Force Speaker, Fan of the Military, Squeaker!

PS. I sent Tony and his guys a whole pile of stuff. (And a regrettably short letter about humor in the military… something I honestly don’t know enough about.) Guess what was in the box?   : )

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