I love being a motivational speaker; but being a motivational speaker for the Air Force is very, VERY cool. I recently spoke at Scott Air Force Base in Missouri. Their commander wanted a funny speaker to speak on resilience and attitude. I was thrilled to be invited.

Check out this phone video I took:

Thanks Scott AFB!

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Brad Montgomery
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For those of you who prefer to read, here is the transcript:

Brad Montgomery from and I’m at Scott Air Force Base and I’m about to go in that theatre, it’s theatre, it doesn’t look like a theatre, but it’s a theatre and there’s going to be a whole bunch of airmen in there; there’s going to be some Marines, National Guard; there might be Navy, might be Coast Guard; everyone is here at Scott. And my job is go and motivate these guys that have been busting their hump, they’re working hard, and happily their Commander really thinks it’s important for them to work on resilience and making sure that the rest of their life is in line with their mission.  So wish me luck.

A blast! We just left the base. Oh man, two programs we did, two key notes for these military audiences.  Really love being a motivational speaker. My corporate clients, I love you; association clients I love you too; government clients, I love you, but okay, forgive me. There’s something really cool about being a military speaker, because this is a group that just works so hard and some of them are just back from deployment, they’re preparing for deployment. They have these super, incredible, important, detail rich jobs and then to stand in front of them and to be able to celebrate their success, to talk about resiliency, to motivate them, to appreciate them, and just to be a part of that for just a little bit is just a cool job.  So, Scott Air Force Base you rock. Thanks for making me a part of your team if it was only just for the day and cheers to you.

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