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Up and Away… Contract THIS!

I just spoke as a funny motivational military speaker and humorist in Florida to an Air Force Contracting group… the folks who do the buying for our men and women in blue. Great group of people.

The particular office who brought me to do my speech for the world wide contracting conference was the Air Force Special Operations Command / 16th Special Operations Wing.

After talking to them after my speech it seemed to me that they could give a Short Course in Humor in the Workplace. They do it all the time… it is practically institutionalized.

For example, they have a Sponge Bob frisbee. Whenever one of them makes a goof, (or does something silly or embarrassing) they all yell over the cubicles that “Marcy” or “Bill” has now got the frisbee. And they send it over to their desk.

The effect? It allows them to laugh, instead of cry. It helps make them a better team (’cause they like each other and enjoy laughing with each other).

The frisbee is something you’d rather avoid. But it is like being teased by your best pals… it sort of makes you feel like one of the group.

Way to go folks. Humor in the workplace? Yup, if you work for the 16th Special Operations Wing!

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