Meet Scott Friedman: My Personal Mentor, Encourager, and Advisor

Brad with Scott Friedman
Scott Friedman

Changing lives and LIVING THE DREAM

Scott Friedman is one of the world’s top motivational speakers. He has won pretty much every honor out there and is a past President of the National Speakers Association. In the speaking world, he’s a big deal. Personally, he’s been a mentor, advisor, and encourager of mine for years. My career is better because of Scott.

But in this podcast, we talk to Scott about his work as a motivational speaker, philanthropist, and founder of an amazing organization called Together We Can Change The World. Their mission is to educate and empower less fortunate women and children in Asia.

They do two speaker tours a year, where they take motivational speakers to the location (and causes) they serve in Asia and basically serve and amplify the TWCCTW message and mission. It’s a life lesson in perspective and gratitude.

He spoke to us today about this foundation he built, how he’s been helping kids and women in Asia, what he’s learned to make it better, and a ton more.

There is a ton in this interview, but one of the highlights for me came between the headlines: Scott really enjoyed using his work (as a speaker and the leader of this foundation) to help him live the life he craves. For him his job and his service is one way he purposely creates a lifestyle.

For example, service gives him meaning and purpose. So this non-profit is a way for him to build his preferred lifestyle. Another example of this technique is Scott’s speaker tours; Scott loves hanging out with buddies and speaker pals, and his Speaker Tours for Together We can Change The World not only does some good for people who REALLY need some help, not only does it raise money and change minds, but it’s a way for Scott to live his best life. What?! Using your job and your passion to strategically create your best possible lifestyle? This is pure Scott Friedman at his best.

He’s an inspiration; can we build our hobbies, passions, and careers in a way that serves our lifestyle? Yup, and Scott proves it’s possible.

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