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This company’s website has bios of all of their folks. What I love best is that they actually take the time to poke fun at themselves.

Check out a sample:

Linda is the person that keeps the office running. She manages the office and performs most of the accounting and related analysis for the various Cordes entities and all of the receiverships. She is in charge of more checkbooks than any other woman we know. She, even more so than Rob, has quite a penchant for detail. Please do not ask her to round anything. Everyone knows that she can’t be reached from 11:00 A.M. to noon during the business day because that is her lunch hour and you do not mess with her lunch hour (she’ll get kind of cranky).

Some companies might think this tongue-in-cheek tone makes them less professional. That it might make them seem like they don’t take their job seriously.

I think the opposite is true. What do YOU think?

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