Just back from Maine, where I worked for the Maine Hospital Association. (I did their closing keynote for the health care conference.)

I loved it… It was a great group, and a fun day.

It was amazing (and a weird coincidence) to be back in Maine; I was a speaker there just a few months ago. I had worked in 49 of the 50 states until I finally got to work in Maine. And then, BAM, I’m back again.

Weird and fun. I took this photo (this is the SECOND time I took a photo in front of this picture in the Portland, Maine airport. You can imagine the look I got when I grabbed this total stranger and said,” I’m a humorist motivational speaker and I’ve worked in th 49 other states… can you take this photo to prove I was in Maine?”

He just laughed and did it.

Fun trip.

Bonus? I got to have a lobster roll from a road-side fish shack. Very touristy! Yum!
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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humor Expert, Lover of Maine!

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