Magic Unlimited with Ellis & Webster
Roll’em roll’em roll’em…

magic trickPenguin Magic are currently holding a contest to see if they can find the world’s fastest coin roller.

If you think you can do a coin roll more than 40 times in one minute, you’re in for a chance and Penguin will fly you to Las Vegas to do it for the Guinness World Record People. The rules are set out below, if you think you’re in with a shot, read more about it here:

1. The set time is one minute.
2. The coin must be US currency in current circulation.
3. The coin must start between the thumb and first finger, make a revolution around the hand, and it’s counted as ONE when it reaches that thumb and first finger position again.
4. The coin is not allowed to skip a finger.
5. The coin is not allowed to drop during the set time.
6. You can perform the coin roll with either your left hand or your right hand.

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