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Hey! This Colorado Magician IS FUNNY!

Colorado Magician Brad Montgomery

Colorado Magician Brad Montgomery is funny, proven, award-winning… and ready to partner with you to help make your event epic.  Do you want your Colorado guests totally engaged by a fresh and funny magician?  Do you feel like your cocktail hour could be energized by a funny magician strolling and sharing Close-Up Magic with laughing and clapping attendees? Are you hoping your guests pull you aside, give you a High Five and say, “Where did you find this guy?  He’s perfect.”  Then look no further.  Just book Brad.

Brad has worked in all 50 states and on four continents.  But he lives in Denver, Colorado and has a passion for magic.  He’s one of those lucky guys who is able to make a living out of his hobby.  And, if you live in or near the Denver Metro area (including the ski resorts in the Colorado Rockies, and the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs),  you’ve got an easy choice.  Just book Brad.

Proven. Playful. Professional. Booking him will be the easiest part of planning your event.

Colorado Magician Video

RAVE REVIEWS for this Colorado Magician

Magician Brad Montgomery has paid his dues.  This is where he got his start. Besides playing corporate events across the country, he’s worked in nearly every Colorado venue.

Wherever Brad steps on stage and says, “Watch closely!” your audience will sit up and take notice.  They’ll be charmed.  They’ll laugh.  And they’ll thank you for finding a guy who made their day.

Let’s call it out:  Magicians can be a mixed bag. Your audience is sophisticated, and you need more than a guy in a top hat with a bunny.  You need a guy who will delight everybody from the folks in the C Suite on down.  Polished. Novel.  Fresh.  An updated practicioner of an ancient craft.  We get it.  You need Colorado Magician Brad Montgomery.

Brad has performed his magic all around Colorado.  But because you want a total pro, you should know that he’s worked colleges, cruise ships, and corporate events all around the country.

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Magician Spesker
Speakers Hall of Fame — Council of Peers Award of Excellence CPAE
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Magic Shows An Updated Ancient Art

Colorado Magician
 Brad Montgomery is not the guy for your child’s birthday;  he’s the guy you want at your resort, at you corporate event, and at your high-end holiday party.  You know it’s true: many people’s idea of a magician is a guy who’s slightly dorky, whose concept of entertainment is decades out of vogue, and who is the butt of the joke on every TV sitcom ever (think Job Bluth).   Brad is not this guy.  He’s the guy who you hope sits at your table.  He’s the guy who livens up any event.  He’s the guy who KNOWS how to take a current audience and turn them into a party.

Make your life simple

If you crave an entertainer to help you make the most out of your party, conference, or event, you’ve found him.  And if your event is in Colorado… you’ve found a rock star for a discounted price.

“My team thought I was a hero for booking Brad!  He made me look so good!”
-Colorado Child Support Enforcement

Who is this magician Brad Montgomery?

Magician? Comedian? YES!!

Most of Brad’s work is as a funny motivational keynote speaker. But Brad’s passion is as a magician. Yes, he occasionally does some magic in his business keynotes, but isn’t normally booked as a “magician.”

You just got lucky. Magic is Brad’s hobby.  It’s his passion.  He’s great at it.  And he loves to share it.

So if your event is in or near to Denver, Colorado… You’ve got something special on your hands.  A consumate performer.  And a Hall of Fame communicator.  And a guy who just happens to really love being your magician.

Meeting & Party Planners Love this Colorado Magician.

Because he’s a cinch to work with. Because he makes them look like super heroes. Because he understands the party, meeting and convention industry. And because he ALWAYS earns amazing reviews. Bottom line: he has made meeting planners all over Denver and the entire state look like stars. Let him do the same for you;  just book Brad.

Call us. Let’s talk about your event, and how we can partner with you to make your party, convention, conference or whatever you have planned epic!

“Outstanding and hilarious.
The customization made it special.”
–USA Today

“Made us laugh non-stop.”
— US Bank

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Magician Funny
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Magician Speaker
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Colorado Clients love Brad

Brad Montgomery got his start as a magician, but now he is so much more.  Speaker, comedian, facilitator, author, and meeting energizer.   If you’re looking for a fresh take an an ancient performing art, and if you’re looking for somebody who will create an experience..more than a corporate magic show…then you need Brad Montgomery.  Give us a shout at our Contact Page.

Clients who love Brad as a magician are thrilled that his “other job” is as a top shelf corporate and health care speaker.  They love that he has earned his living in front of an audience for decades.  They love that he’s proven and professional…and very funny.  But mostly they love him because when they book him, they have a very high level of guarantee for success.  Bottom line:  he’s got your back.  Just book Brad

Generate Big Laughs With the Audience
Ordinary Magic


Are you ready to amp up your next event? Book Brad Now! Go to the contact page.

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