Magician from Colorado Cosmo Solano Talks About How Difficult Times Can Be Hopeful

Let's Talk about How Being Broke Can Make You Strong with Cosmo Solano
cosmo solano magician

CAN BEING BROKE Help You Later in Life?

Today’s guest was world class magician and theater owner Cosmo Solano. We talked a lot about money. What it means. If it’s important. And what it means not to have any.

I really encourage you to listen to the entire recording because it was a very fascinating conversation. Cosmo told me once in the darkest part of the the pandemic that he was totally unconcerned about money.

We jumped into this topic with a vengeance. It turns out that what Cosmo meant is that he’s been broke before. Very broke and more than once. And he found the process of being broke to be liberating. He feels now that he totally understands what makes life important: his wife and his kids. Money is nice. Really nice. But he would be fine without it. He has proven that to himself.

We talked at length about the difference between being poor and being broke. And more about how free he feels from the need to prove himself with wealth.

It might seem unconnected to you but it was striking to me that this wisdom about money leads into the way Cosmo runs his business.

Cosmo runs a very successful magic theater in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is literally a world-class magician right here in my home state of Colorado. Perhaps my favorite part of the interview was when we were talking about the secret to his success both in business a of magic. Cosmo was very clear. “I just try to have the very best show I can, and everything else follows.”

And he’s right. He has a very loyal fan base. The press and the public are noticing, and this latest version of his theater, which he amazingly opened DURING the pandemic, is starting to run on all cylinders. The secret? The theater is an amazing space. But better yet, Cosmo is one heck of a magician.  (I know how good he is because, as some of you know, I’ve been a Colorado based magician for years — it’s sort of a side gig to my motivational speaker thing.)

Cosmo…. You must be proud of yourself. And I’m proud of you. Well done. Very well done.

It was an honor to have you on the podcast. Thanks for joining me!

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