A Motivational Speaker a Magician | Live Interview with Magician Cody Fisher

Ask Your Friendly Neighborhood Magician FUNNY CODY FISHER

FUNNY MAGICIAN is our Friendly Neighborhood Expert.

Cody Fisher is a total pro.  He’s been a highly respected comedy magician for years, and worked in just about every different market from trade shows, to corporate shows, to family and kid shows, to school and college shows.  He’s done it all.

We had a nice long chat about magic and magicians, about secrets, and about the weird conflict between the value of secrets verses the value of entertainment.

Here are a couple of highlights:

• It takes years to build up to be a pro.  There is no substitute for paying your dues.

• It’s about the audience reaction.  While many magicians work for years perfecting different techniques for the same magical effect, Cody is more focused on the audience and the outcome.  Happy audience?  Then he’s happy too.

• Cody came to magic from academia.  He’s got a masters in bio-chemistry and is nearly a doctor, and he swears this education is totally related to his current job as a full time entertainer.

• Cody Fisher is just a plain nice guy.  One of the best in the biz just happens to be one of the nicest in the biz.

I had a blast, as a motivational speaker, interviewing Cody.  Partly because I too am a magician comedian.  But also because this interview was a lovely excuse to know Cody better.

Thanks Cody!

A Motivational Speaker a Magician | Live Interview with Magician Cody Fisher
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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

While Brad is a funny motivational speaker now, he still considers himself to be a comedy magician.  He got his start as a magician working everywhere from restaurants, to festivals, to the renaissance festival in Colorado, and a ton of corporate work.

Those who see his motivational keynotes will surely see evidence of his background.   Nope, he isn’t really a magician anymore, but he has the heart of one!  Contact us today and we’ll talk about customizing an event for your live or virtual online meeting. 

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