I’m just back from speaking to the New Orleans, Louisiana chapter of the National Speakers Association. I was there to teach ’em how to be funnier in their professional presentations. I was flattered to be asked to speak; and I was flattered with an amazing room-full of talented speakers. (And a few entry-level speakers who wanted to learn how to become  motivational speakers or comedians.)

I presented my humor & comedy technique program, Got Mirth? Milking Your Presentation for All of the Humor it is Worth.

After the program, I was thrilled to get a tour of the Katrina devastation from Louisiana motivational speakers Gerard Braud and Jean Gatz (both have great senses of humor and are first class people.) The Katrina tour was amazing: I’m rarely speechless (heck, it’s my job.) But I was absolutely amazed at the damage, the extent of the damage…(the flooded neighborhoods just went on and on and on)… and at the “abandoned” feel of those ruined neighborhoods.

But look at this trailer. (Yup, it is a FEMA trailer!) What I loved is that these people were doing their best to rebuild their soggy house. And this particular house was in a lousy neighborhood, simply because 98% of the remaining houses were destroyed and empty. No neighbors.

But they painted those steps with Mardi Gras colors! New Orleans spirit — and humor — in the face of difficulty. I loved it.

Ok gang…

I promised a few resources:

1. For those of you who asked me about the best way to get audio and video on your site, you should go here.

2. This is the free copy of Hooked on Humor, which is a free audio program I’m doing with Scott Friedman. If you want to see some of the audio product I’m working lately, here’s your chance!

3. If you liked what we talked about, but would like to hear the stuff we didn’t have time too. (And think you might benefit from hearing what we did talk about more…I encourage you to consider buying an mp3 of the program. It’s good stuff… besides, my kids need new shoes.

I have a favor for those of you who were there at the program in New Orleans: Could you leave me a comment? What was the one (or two) things that made you say, “Ah Ha!” What did you take away from the program that was most helpful?

Thanks again… I was proud to present to the New Orleans, Louisiana Chapter of the National speakers Association.


Brad Montgomery
Louisiana Speaker, Motivational Humorist, Teacher!

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  1. Gerard Braud
    Gerard Braud says:

    Brad — We loved havingg you in New Orleans. Thanks for giving of your time and expertise. Something tells me New Orleans has not seen the last of Brad. It appears he is getting the Mardi Gras bug!


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