Motivational Speakers and Hurricanes
I just interviewed Motivational Speaker Bruce Wilkinson for a chapter in our upcoming book featuring chapters from motivational speakers from across the nation. Bruce has an amazing story: he hails from New Orleans and has only this week been allowed back to see IF he has anything left. (It turns out he does — his home and office were damaged but he considers himself lucky.) I couldn’t wait to ask him if he was able to adopt and use the lessons he teaches from the stage about positive attitudes and humor, and I was surprised and amazed how successfully he did just that.

It’s a long interview…. you’ll have to get the book. : ) But the long and short of it is that yes, he was able to stay postive and upbeat. And the reason why he did that is because he quickly learned that the more he “gave” in positivism the more he got back. In other words, Bruce told me that being positive helped him to stay positive. By giving hope where there was only hopelessness he was able to nurture his own sense of hope.

He is an amazing guy. With an amazing story.

Motivational Inspirational Speaker

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