Motivational speaker Manley Feinberg II is and amazing dude.  He’s climbed crazy cliffs all around the world, is a world class, award-winning motivational speaker, a dad and a husband.   Oh..and he’s a pal.

In this live interview I get to ask him about some of amazing crazy stuff BEHIND the climbs. What was it like to sleep on El Cap? How does he carry his gear UP the mountain? Can you really sleep when you’re tied to a cliff in a bag?  And er…how in the heck does one go to the bathroom on a multi-day assent up a rock?

It’s fun to get to know Manley.  He is a very successful human (no matter what he’s doing) and to see into his brain is fascinating.  He’s focused, intense, and driven. But he’s also crazy gentle, modest, humble and warm.  Come to think of it, no wonder we are friends.

Thanks for joining me, Manley.  I loved the interview…and hope the rest of you do too!

motivational speaker manley feinberg
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