One of my readers just bought me something frothy!


He liked the blog and bought me a latte. I loved the gesture, loved the coffee, and loved the idea.

So we made up a button to make the whole thing easier. Here’s my thought: I tend to write at Starbucks or another coffee place near my office called Carino. I spend a bunch of time here writing… And I love coffee.

Larry, one of my readers, appreciated something I had to say recently so much he took the time to send me a cup of coffee. (Via Paypal.) It was a gesture that meant a bunch to me.

If you are so inclined, you can do it too by clicking the button button below. Thanks so much, it was delicious. (I’m not shy… and I love coffee.)

Use this button to treat me to a latte!

Use this button to treat me and my wife to a latte!

Thanks Larry! Love the idea! Thanks-a-Latte!


Brad Montgomery
Humorist, Public Professional Speaker, Coffee Drinker

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