Laugh. And laugh some more.

I recently spent some time with a very old friend, Lindsey Pahs, in Las Vegas. (Nope, he isn’t a speaker… he is an educator.) What was really cool is that we laughed. And then we laughed some more. I cannot remember laughing MORE on any given day then they day we went golfing — neither of us golf — and then hit the casino bars in search of live entertainment.

It seemed like everything was funny. Humor was everywhere. But now with the benefit of hindsight, I’m convinced that the humor really came from friendship. We like and trust each other, and pretty much just decided to have a blast. And we did.

Here is a photo we made just for kicks. And, in case you are thinking it… our wives thought the photo was funny too. :)
las vegas butt photo
Humor and Friendship

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