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Six Months ago I on a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada with one of my oldest pals. He played a practical joke on me then that still gets me today.
What happened? How did he play a practical joke on me that had such long-lasting effects?

As you may know, on the Las Vegas Strip, there are thousands of little cards everywhere. They are cards with pictures of naked (or nearly naked) women on them advertising their … er…. services. Hey, what can I say? It’s Las Vegas.Las Vegas
Well, my pal and I joked about them, joked about collecting a set of 52 “cards” to substitute in to the “bridge deck” in the old folks home, etc. Then we forgot about ’em. Ok, I forgot about ’em; my pal went on collecting them (without me noticing.)

So what’s the joke? It came later. Much later. It is (apparently) still happening.

It turns our that my friend hid these cards in my suitcase, in my computer, in every little compartment of my bag, in my shoes, in my paperback novel, in…. everywhere. I found a couple of ’em on the plane on the trip home from Las Vegas — hard to explain to my seat mate… really hard. I found most of the rest of them when I got home and unpacked. It was funny… my wife and I both laughed.

But it got really funny when I found another card a week later. And then another card a couple of weeks after that. (I’m telling you, he hid a lot of cards.) And another card a month after that. And even two days ago (six months later!) when I found another card. (Yeah, I know… they were really well hidden!)

I loved it… I thought it was a victimless practical joke. It wasn’t like a pie in the face. And it wasn’t embarrassing (well, it was on the plane with my Aunt-Bea-like like seat mate, but….)

I love that he took the time and effort to be funny. I love that he took the time to make me laugh. And I especially love that the practical joke has lasted so long.

Question: What are you doing to create humor in your life? What are you doing to make yourself — and those that you care about — smile? If you’re like me… probably not enough.

Gotta go; gotta find the rest of those darn cards.

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Brad Montgomery
Las Vegas Comedian Motivational Speaker, Humorist, and Fan of Safe Practical Jokes

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