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Speaker educator Bernadette Smith was my guest on today’s podcast.  I didn’t know Bernadette prior to this podcast… But I totally feel like I have a new friend. She is a bundle of positive energy, humor and fun. End it was quite clear through this interview that Bernadette is also brilliant.

She has successfully run to totally diverse businesses. She got her start as a wedding planner and consultant immediately following Massachusetts allowing same sex marriages.  She helped her clients navigate the complicated and sometimes difficult maze of wedding planning in a hetero-normal culture.

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Eventually she decided her talents would be best used elsewhere.  She now runs a company called The Equality Institute, where she and her team lead workshops, consult and deliver keynote speeches to audiences  on topics in and around diversity, inclusion and equity.  

It was, during the podcast, easy to understand why she is such a sought after keynote speaker. She’s dripping with charisma and charm, she’s uber positive and funny. But best of all she just has a handle on some complex issues.

One of the many things that struck me during this interview was the fact that she has a gift of allowing people — like me! — ask some sometimes awkward questions.   And she generously assumes the burden of making the questioner feel comfortable even around awkward questions.  

For example I asked her for advice when referring to homosexual women. Is gay the correct word? Lesbian? I felt like I was falling all over myself trying not to offend but she was a rockstar and taught me the truth:  just ask. When in doubt show your curiosity politely, and you will be rewarded with answers. Basically she reminded us that there’s no reason to be scared if you were polite, kind, and curious.

As a funny motivational Keynote Speaker I find myself getting nervous that I will somehow accidentally offend an individual, or even worse an entire audience. I worry about using incorrect pronouns or inappropriate language in a way that is accidentally offensive.

She assured us that all of us have some element of this fear. And that as long as we are kind, polite and curious everything should work out. And if it doesn’t? That’s easy she says. Just apologize. No problem.

Bernadette has a new book out. It’s worth listening to the video to hear more about it. But to be honest my favorite part in her description of this amazing book… This book that everybody should read and study… is that she has such a passion for it. “I love this book!”   Bernadette is one charming woman. Combined with her smarts and common sense it’s no wonder she has done so well and everything she touches.

I can’t think of any reasons why every organization doesn’t hire Bernadette as a funny keynote speaker to talk to them about diversity and inclusion.  She helps demystify and decode a world that — to this straight, white, middle aged suburban dude — is sometimes complicated.

Well done, Bernadette.  I’m thrilled to have a new friend.

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