Keynote Speaker Greg Hawks Joins Brad


WHEN IS a speaker a "motivational speaker?".

Brad Montgomery has some very cool friends.  In this live interview Brad interviews Corporate Culture expert and professional speaker Greg Hawks.   They talked about SO many things in this chance to look behind the scenes as to what it’s like to be a keynote speaker for a living.

There were so many cool moments, but let me just give you a couple of samples here.

• Brad and Greg totally agree about their jobs and their role for their clients.  But they don’t always share the same language.  For example, are they “entertaining” or “professional?”  Are they “Motivational speakers” or just catalysts for energy and change?    Do they do a show or a presentation?

In the end, they do the same things, but call them by different names.  But the subtleties of language are helpful to understand the business.

• It’s a tough business, and when Greg entered it he was ready to work.   Success didn’t come instantly, and it took focus and determination.  Brad was impressed with how risky it was for Greg to start as a full time keynote speaker with young kids.  But Greg was up to the task.

• Virtual or online programs are here to stay.  Greg has invested heavily and now produces full virtual meetings for his clients.  He is impressive as he really has helped his clients invent new, unique and very valuable events.  They aren’t just a “live” event put on camera;  they are a whole new beast with new and CRAZY cool value.

• Hybrid events might be in trouble before they start if they don’t take advantage of what we are learning about virtual events.

• If you’re having a virtual meeting, and don’t fully understand the differences between live an virtual, give Greg a call!

Greg Hawks
Greg Hawks
Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker who speaks to the People Side of Business.  He teaches soft skills for organizations who believe that an investment in their people is an investment in their bottom line.

He presents both live and virtually, so if you need an online or virtual motivational speaker you’re on the right website.

HE speaks to nearly every industry, but has a ton of expertise as a motivational speaker for teachers and educators, a health care motivational speaker, and as a sales motivational speaker.   Oh yeah, he’s really funny.

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(Fairly Sketchy) Transcript by WIT.AI.

[0:00] This is brad montgomery welcome to the ‘ sixty s full interesting an awesome podcast where i interview people who are wait for it.
Successful interesting awesome.

[0:18] Hello.
It’s a good day and i’ll tell you can i get a guy who is just supercut and smart speaker.
Find a way i thought i was totally random it turns out he was stalking me it was a very flattering story on and ask him about that but right now i want you.
Say hello to mr greg hawks of the hacksaw ridge agency greg hello.
Thank you for joining us for saying yes open my pleasure so let’s tell me who you are you are culture expert in i asked you just before we started furious speaker a motivational speaker.
I don’t really motivate i’m organized the gator drink problem child provokes challenge so that people baby don’t go take action but i do motivate.

[1:23] Message samantha to you agree with you i do come yourself motivational speaker.
Put i guess you such a weird job right in i don’t know that anybody is capable of motivating others.

[1:47] I think tony robinson’s figure something out he was pretty motivated by him.

[1:53] I feel pretty cool
tell us a little bit about yourself can you tell us what your job is i’ve been stuck on you on the internet so i know all about you but
in your own words what’s your job what you do.
Will what i do what macpherson mission little organization’s mission is all about japan viral everyone gets future stay so.
I have them two because prior to the panda bear i was shaping and baroness weather is consulting around culture or mostly speaking at,
a corporate events and speciation events and then when the world turned upside down we started dripping involvement
virtually and so it was line without a hook and so that’s how was better days producing bitch conferences speaking virtually and pretty soon back live location,
do i know you looking forward that permission to push back.
What are you wanna do chicago what would you do for a world of for the living shape cultures.

[3:09] No shape environments rain sounds like copy of a website no
no not even close rap when i come into someone’s life i’m in amplifier and magnified so do i been insert myself and someone’s world are they graciously invite me i take whatever.
Events whatever experience and we expanded which.
Shapes that environment in away that enables people to believe have their best every day.
Is not a it’s not a website copy it’s like it’s motivation motivated water that way myself right now,
push back on you want sucker i love this conversation.

[4:08] Depending on the mood of the pressure talking to not the not giving in the person to bring in the mood sometimes when you talking to especially if you had say,
a couple of beers is hopefully remember when into the parking lot.
Which makes me laugh there’s a little bit of suicide sometimes right sometimes weird just a show we are something that feels are meeting planner scheduled between ten am and eleven am.
Cancel brad garrett,
let me push back goodbye baby what their perspective is but if it is giving me at ten am to eleven am window i am going to do and say something that people are we talking about for a while.
What is this is why i love you consider what you do.

[5:08] Yes mute the news background showing which
i don’t use game language i don’t i don’t refer to it in that way now with the virtual conference producing i am producing a show because that didn’t pills everything but a speaker,
what we were just don’t use to work kid without like so i don’t wanna,
did mistyped the what it is for the actual client who’s putting it off it’s a corporate event trying to appreciate their people or their trying to inspire their people something i can’t one that i want
so we will it be trying to be intentional their language around it inside out kinda feels circus king feels like surface and.
General speak life people pay me a name they won’t real something feat esta dial come from it,
no not just not that show me weather nobody’s gonna pay for me to be entertaining i’m gonna have something that’s meaningful stuck in internet.
You are entertaining you do i have a prepared beginning a middle and end you have a path you have thought about it.
You tell that one story could you really good at it i like it.

[6:25] Ok i’m a professional so i heard what you said.

[6:35] Higher ups because i want some sort of business messenger message that will help the organization and the people within.

[6:42] Is that doesn’t have to be at zero some game like if you have a show that you’re not doing that no not because
we need a laugh its been really difficult here if you could i am entertaining i like people who bath people always say things i’m not an interesting her like i would never like you have skills and abilities,
turn entertain where is within the context of speed gang i can be entertainment i see those is very different
send a schedule gifting sunset so i think that show protection when that in the the client is like
please do something some people feel good about us love them so that i mean it there’s not a missed
return on that that magic.
What what tickles me right now is it up arlie exactly the same page week totally agree with each other.
Yes learn using different language to describe the same thing because i want to say.
I use this language a lot of my clients framework of entertainment,
i hate everything on that framework of entertainment because if they’re not engaged in here looking at the phone it doesnt matter what they say so i better.

[8:06] Play entertainment if they want to know what’s happening next week but i’m not afraid to say yeah because.

[8:15] Shows work the meaning i got a plan i’m i’m i have a problem i know where we’re going.
What framework the used the language i’m gonna catch the imagination song catch up them imaging both what i’m talking about how do i see the world would be coming next,
so if i don’t wanna call it like you think its bless your kind of ideal.
Lessen package not to be a shower not a show i can’t help you,
i don’t use that language but it black response in the same thing i think just maybe personality or even history right entertainer that you are entertainer came from,
entertainment where you at half a heart and yebba middle happened can you give for major i think.
No i can’t do not proceed executive director of a faith based non profit the worker teenagers for a decade before entered into the space.
Set a timer for teenagers keeping them ganged many waves is left.

[9:27] I came from exactly record i get it.
Tell me it’s obvious you show if i see a high content speaker who hasn’t thought about.
Play how i know world am i gonna get people through this ninety minutes or sixty minutes or forty five or whatever we have to be doing today.

[9:51] People who have not thought about how to hold and keep their attention and hold the stages like a pro,
you can tell him that there there called academics or their called whatever and you’re not that it all your just kids of fun energy.
Yes i am looking for your world make you feel that way.
What the traffic is a deadly matter this song,
when you say beginning metal and that’s what a professional others or maybe academia,
no staff people who have deliver some suran contact or lawyers legal legal people delivering the news stuff
are so just before we start recording gregory talking about i asked if you’re motivational speaker we are talking about that it actually is gonna be the same conversation all over again i just realized,
no no no no no i’m not.

[11:02] Mute do have the kana half a glass plus four glasses half and half personality you are pretty dude.
Show if i’m unavailable optimist there’s no doubt about like i’m rage optimist.

[11:20] So so you tell me again your job title europe conference culture specialists
cancel corbin status atlanta culture space bound cloe staff high speed a lot in hdr conferences
without a cause i usually door opener committed work with them around the news in alaska.
Are you didn’t do a lot consulting primarily a burning hill middle right now.
It’s been primarily speaking sometimes like a definite
open to a cause i do you like being better off ted and then the process of discovering values and work with that bob moses time people are complaining do are
annual staff event,
can help us some sort of momento around ownership at all ownership language and so world.

[12:28] I like to ask this question i’m trying to freeze it in a different way because i hear you’re not a motivational speaker.
Are you a culture expert by personality or is that your job description.

[12:44] When i believe titles or for others so i created at title cause is my business i’m call myself anything i wanted to go so titles other people candles to,
ask what we do we are so it’s needed those days for will you and say i would say it’s people,
start playing understanding i conserve that.

[13:13] Let me tell you what my wife is my wife have been together with i’ve been waiting for twenty seven years.
So we work together but i’m super trippy and everything wonderfalls and glasses and she’s way more cynical.
In which talks about people like me she would call us,
oh you’re with your speaker friends because i heard you uses language brown i just wanna i wanna be in your life i want you to be in my life so warm and welcoming in away the most american male or not.
End most humans are not so she was say of course you’re motivational speaker by.
Play erasure personality greg and the fact you found us a business is not a surprise look at you personality.

[14:05] I do we everywhere very fortunate if the thing that were naturally did in can,
how to san for calling and jeffrey resources so i think that the dream these days is i love money from it,
play another life stream of courtship.
I’m had a dat like my entire life i don’t know if i heard anything but i don’t like that i can turn every.
Start a lindsey stirling like i’ve gotten bloody to nero on finding because the way i am walker so i don’t know i’m just now
set a couple different details of my professional live and i think it all of those it’s yours possibility to find the meeting.
What the average wires not so much candace job give me meaning and so,
so that’s why i’m wired to interface with humanity and when i get to do not what i can change also do something.
Yeah no muggle says wire to interface with humanity other than your speaker friends.

[15:27] Well
i can’t help with this things out with bumper people when i go professional group is called
when i go there and hang up with you and our pierce i feel like those are my tribe because they are like us.
Turn off how can i help you and they actually mean it and their like i want to be friends with you and they actually mean it.
That’s not normal when we would working at we go to a association of something besides us.
Plumbers or sales people are computer people are healthcare even healthcare not why would like you are you use that were wired.

[16:08] Yes.
Which i love what i’m not like them there like ok we had an hour with a guy that’s enough,
so i would assume that will be the same,
set your wife have it’s not you need to us particulate it’s consistant with all the different kind group that healthcare people have a wiring and sales people avoir bring so.

[16:39] Fortunately it lands where we get to lenier personalities in people value.

[16:47] Yes it’s kind of a discovery for me greg i definitely like speakers on end of the spectrum in our close to the same.
When people hear thursday expect us to be light house levity on have a message that can push the organization forward.

[17:07] I know you’re not your hiring us to be the dark guy with the idea of you.

[17:19] Just recently liked i mean last few years really realize wait a minute the fact that i’m talking about this stuff is completely consistant with,
for beliefs that i had my entire life and i’m running how to articulate them is age but they are they have been consistently in my life i’m only now discovering that
i’m talking about stuff i’ve always been leaved when i say hey you can help brothers you can be of service you can be positive.
When i first joined in usa i have no idea that i think the last of us over successful.

[17:54] Arkansas that was your personality not just doing it.

[17:59] How bad could you just over that like estrella fulfilment what you’re doing in that’s kind of indicator like hamani track it in the past it.
Works for you.
Yeah i love you just said that i could you just fuck the world.
Take this job as an entertainer as we are talk about before entertainers use very different language and we think fury differently,
we talk about going how to do i killed conquer that audien i’ve been a minnesota mission i’m really the audience.
First especially for entry level entertainers you’re not really on the same team is the audience you’re not like love and run him so much.
Set a lot of comics are openly antagonistic their kind of their angry in italy a lot of ikon find my magician and comedians a lot of ambitions are kinda they bring people up and they use them on stage,
yeah yeah so then when i what happened to me as i was booked by the people who books speakers.

[19:10] So they might boogie in the daytime and they would book me after dinner entertainer and then start thinking wait a minute.
What kind of like what they’re doing maybe i’ll try it so i just want they said alright i’ll make a note.

[19:23] It wasn’t very it was a business movie wasn’t me for feeling my mission it was a business move and then i can’t start drinking my own kool-aid.
And add him here i am.
So thats thats how people mr big feel like compromised out of comedian magician or tenor like taking that steps or didn’t feel almost like.
Violet calling your purpose like the things that i really love the most.

[19:55] No not for me but there’s someone from my from my comedy all souled out you doing.
Hey portal stand up united pursuit down up and i like your purpose.
Why are you working so hard we like why are also like ridin’ jokes with the f bomb knowing that.
Show limited guitar joke.
So there’s so i never really felt that way but you’re right there somewhere where are you a solo.
Yes i’m proud of my background cause i feel like one of the reasons i feel good connecting with audiences and that is part of my success as a business speaker.
Im convinced that connection with bill overhears of.

[20:46] Learning to san on stage which means anyway a doesn’t matter what i did but learning to be in front of them and say hello i’m here.
You’re in the right place if you stay with me for the next hour you’re gonna be so happy you did.
Glad so glad they did i think i’m happy and sting with you right now but i’m happier right now just stuck with you in this conversation.

[21:10] So
i know we’re gonna get around to talk about ritual but so why did you start this thing you quit perfectly good job out on your own,
what did praise goes on head my own business since august two thousand nine so learn pushin twelve years have been just on my own.
Faith bass settings work with teenaged working a lot of valentino leaders we move run camp set eight hundred kids awake all of weeds we start thousand eighteen
leadership work with injuries and just a gent leadership as stuff transfer business
world and cl if all the stuff i been doing in this state baseball really a planet the marketplace,
and so we made the shit like in austin thousand nine and it was a.

[22:16] Who was a tomorrow twist transition for like a couple years here in dublin city area instead of it was a significant shift from eminem.
Add reliable job to haim out meeting and loboda do you have,
set background up and faith beach arena it doesn’t really translation actually into the marketplace does their fused so and so
check me years to really own it on am i could.

[22:51] Create value with people to marketplace really gang credibility and so that was the year transition that.
Add check a little bit but it was it worked like the thing motion over the years it is work into.
I just can’t emphasize enough how terrifying that sounds.
Where you are a guy with bills and humans relaying app on you.
Say i’m gonna give up that security and take a chance that is slippin’ horrified.
I want thirty nine times two is where you know.
Yes it wasn’t healthy healthy risk and it it tumblr for a couple years those were some more challenging years the most of all dead but rising possible.
How long did it take before you said okay it’s working.

[23:58] I’m hoping say twenty twenty one,
decrease battery no when well if there’s bury you but i heart partner so the first was.
I was instagram speaking free it conference i have breakout sessions,
what ten am previous communicator and so people subcontractor come along.
What with me working like rant one or two things a week here and there and so staying while i didn’t these breakout session just like that
no kina sang so probably when two thousand and fourteen,
set a timer for forty years journey a list of all of that my website came online i guess the first time
i have a website it was like i’m all in kiss my partner’s changing changing and so
i got things employed so.
January two thousand fourteen my website came online and so that it like ok i’m in established business at least in this keno like on my own it was going consulting around culture as well.

[25:26] Show because i been a similar path i’m guessing when that website came online like ok i am let the phone ring.

[25:36] Tell baby no i’m looking at nine am appropriation networker and then.
Not a lot of virtual riot waters and a lot in france the whole the electric man it is full on me here’s the website and so i had a really like,
at what i found was i got in a couple of ruben so sherm has always been by which is the human resource because they had i got it conference in every state and always never breakout sessions for free was like
i can fly anywhere and put myself up and i couldn’t find best and that’s just lonely commercial and alkilados land one point of it was my strategy,
that sam martin special services in the abc world gonna bust dead people and so i didn’t say they have a similar.
Time the national structure in south find myself dance not space for a little bit.
Is that angeles make me lots of relationships everytime you go me a break out outside who’s in charge
no volunteer that’s fine.

[27:00] When people i know they i know you get these calls people call us and say i’d like to do you doing.
Am i ask him what their doing if i were to say i’m thirty nine two kids,
let me see elementary old young elementary old elementary my job say please don’t.
Because i don’t think most people greg know how broken heart the businesses but then hearing you say i’m gonna work for free i’m gonna shake the trees i’m committed to this i will make it work,
you clearly did how did you know that entry level speakers don’t know how hard this is.

[27:47] How did you know okay so what how did i get here background i got this speakers fantastic.
I got a like my phone number and a business card did i mention making the band tastic now or clients.
I’m looking for the maine that’s that everything you’re not even a speaker.
Yes play never website is not me nearest bakery so what that means is they have not caught yet to.
The very fact that the business part is quite challenging and it’s gonna take a big investment but you.
You are going to hell you’re gonna work.

[28:39] I want don’t i mean i’m not suspect now brass make people think it takes i don’t think take it doesn’t work
i guess i wasn’t wanted you thirty nine been alive long enough i know that you’re everything takes work it’s real and.

[28:56] I don’t even know where my neck my back start look my younger brother to take it cause i was changed up us a dubstep a confidence boost let me other picture
yes the process were basically i had to send to blake i believe in this medicine i believe in us i believe is messaging,
i believe unique and perspective on it i got a good feedback because i’m a girl twenty years ten years executive.
When you enter the marketplace there just not use anything zest order create it or fun like
annually speak in so bestie and puerto mean person by best marketing if i can just go gift product people the immediate feedback i got from suran
i didn’t i didn’t know that would be such thing as there is there be a very
what time you walk on people like it and see speaker
who wack little bit dynamics by hillary the business you’re not there triangle models and they got all their stuff figure out how to sell it up i’m not smart like that i’m like
i don’t know to do i talk to people and ask him in rabbit.

[30:21] Start now like i did all my own calling all that in every time i looked like the first one hundred dollars to speak for like an hour.
That’s crazy research skip spence and so i have my own little like,
every time i had a conversation with potential client ask for more so that’s literally every since i like i made deals with a self on.
If i leave somebody give me five hundred dollars only then the next present cocktales asking seven hundred fifty like i can to the next person eight hundred fifty somebody
that was my,
sports nfwmb astro good feeling humble and kind me liked having like this moment so free good for business.
For that for me was really helpful keep me challenged selfies.
Sensing for you that part of your success is in eight.
You can have the gut feeling about should charge more push myself that way i need to make sure i’m doing this and that.

[31:44] Is anybody told me that i mean.
Yes that’s eight when you’re forty again had it coming taking over experiences leading probably
if you’re fifty years twenty twenty really driven,
fifty is your life hot is a little bit with in that interaction so that i would.

[32:17] I just stripped again comparing an entry level speaker that you.
Add eggs thirty nine so many people i talk to and also hear like okay i’m just i’m done enough free date song gonna.

[32:31] I just need pink friends now and you are saying i’ll take any free date cause i can i know how to lovers that.
What ashley like again unpretty attired about language shows like we do anything for free if will cause i don’t even designate so there be marketing events,
let me up until last year like i would create a budget it was like you wanna have don’t speak sixty times the year
how many ten percent of mark wills here in oklahoma city real food bank.
Ten percent like how can i be sure where do we new mark souzek get into.

[33:19] You’re somebody in celebration but another world nobody like i don’t i haven’t like fun of jet airplane i haven’t climb mountains so you like content your people i think i don’t really have an impact what i got no hook
are there bad so i gotta kind of earth right to be heard from if i knew markets,
play baptism makes business sense to me don’t first one for me to see wind guide you could you don’t my aunt places for
people love me like a really their advocates for me and i get to joanna repeat business and they pay.
That’s correct she’s got issues like the resistance yeah yeah totally i think it’s business.
Which i guess maybe is the whole point is a understand your own business.

[34:11] Any not again their like to play deco a little clicker’s i’m ready to go not ready.
Turn off i would like your permission avenue broke a broke change of topic.

[34:30] I don’t think you’re a normal guy friends let me explain
create there’s a there is a compliment in hidden in here giving talking think like i do reading the words toxic,
masculinity a lot recently added recently played right now much about it part of it is,
typically sensato american dudes are not meant to be super warman fuzzy our world not commonly warm and fuzzy we’re not,
commonly emotional i’m not commonly able to say like really think you’re so great and you are all about those things,
so that way i think you’re not typical would you agree.

[35:21] Yes american hero life changing experience when i was thirty i had a guy who i really admire to be my age.
Tell me how much you cared for me as a person and.
Any blow me away featuring valora.
Mail admiral speak to me like this any was just strawberry genuine and it was like,
i love how i feel about this and it wasn’t national anthem lord knows like i wanna be a person who,
articulated these things to get high,
do i really don’t care about like i need u lilly never had that work as an adult with another adult and so it back to me so that
cancel made after to try to be that person.

[36:22] I have to know his name is dan lord and he currently in senior pastor in saint louis.

[36:34] Saint louis area back in the day we were both just,
yes young buck working with young people use work with younger and apples in the same as the samples area than we were looking on advance base to do travel put on advance what can i think,

[36:52] End so he was like my partner in the areas like he was hosting something we were doing something else call what is it like hilary just said like when i really care about you and i think it’s like your little just like,
is simple is that can i think we’re we were working together understand and he just was overtly like.
Expressive like really healthy intimacy from mayo to mike perry pierre professor.
I have never had alligator i didn’t people did that and it it up tobymac days gone by.
No i tried to participate it’s not actual but i mean.

[37:47] What’s your rockstar edit thank you about this story is that its twenty years old.
Any don’t remember the actual details of it as much as you remember the feeling which is that kind of less people remember the feeling.
Please remember start the country do it like it,
never experience that i want to be at kind of person that it doesn’t come to me now so i have to work on it so i feel like,
what purple afternoon doing that.
What your puppy stone all the time supposed to do that.
No not joking no he’s not true what was the impact i heard you because of that,
create those directions with others but what it do for you.

[38:59] Shipmate,
it like shock me because it hasn’t that surfaces it wasn’t me didn’t feel like you’re awesome you’re pretty good that kind of stuff
invite natural added without any effort of praise and people so it wasn’t
no what’s today’s at all it was like the better word is intimacy it was this intimate of.
Play the core of your humidity i really values you in my life feels like that kind of thing and so’s like i wanna be your lover forever and always.
Add it struck me as so unique disney talking about me like it was like this is very unique character.
This is a really was like it was moving like it was meaningful was moving bonding.
So i love that i’m so my expertise when i’m.
When i’m working which i do everything is unrelated and social and emotional support as related stuff progress your performance.
Including business performance so emotional support.
It was moving.

[40:28] What year old little birds tomorrow listen to lily james i got it in so much that now miles within the context by live tried to be patient with you.
Set me that it’s life changing but it’s not like dramatic but it has a long lasting effect.

[40:48] This is us back to are you a motivational speaker by personality or job title for this
ok she said the same thing play totally different.
What i think we said that we have a project business and aroc chances in very similar ways even know the language is different i heard you say you’re.
Language of hittman stickler for language which i believe you by the way.

[41:29] I don’t really really believe in this season of life
fulfilling calling that i was put on earth to do you so i have that leave about it and so i’m again i’m grateful i think i personalities.
Are no indicators of where will be able to fry best in kind of.
Having the biggest impact on humanity around us.

[41:57] I don’t inexplicably could be another role tainted come from of faith you’re not problem background and calling has a spiritual termanology in that context i think calling a spiritual termanology,
yes secular contacts as well people are very generous with me so purpose sense of purpose.
Put your similar interchangeable for me not say it but i don’t know
with clients rebota that like i’m fulfilling a calling town road be a little
can do we just need turn our business meeting,
i don’t normally come out in the conversation but i have a sense of it again,
wow i have a bullet that the how we express that purposing calling,
alters does have it it doesn’t even related to humperdinck it’s just.

[43:14] Honolulu see what i did not write religious language and i was beautiful did the first national speakers association,
i would like to business card i said comedian magician and.
Any sort of emily warren speakers and wanted to learn more about it so i want to big national conference and the language there was all about,
provide the platform and we have a calling in rivodutri and i told you earlier entertainer something that was my bad blue.
People are so weird.
That’s what you mean europe speaker i want you to the name i’m coming in from comedy club is in.
End album.

[44:07] Is person to the keynote and the end this someone circle circulate audience and paste postcards and one side was a picture of rozes that was fuzzy out of focus.
End amen overlapped alien of it was the words of lenka a song and so this person up there given a short speech and then.
Here comes the music in the song in my eyes think she’s gonna see how bizarre is it and she said of their and,
read this poem or words red cazzette my head is.
What is happening this is very very hard i don’t understand any of this the people pay for this.
End the language of calling purpose and privacy mode form in my head exploded but having all of it.

[45:01] Add aged i’ve come a lot closer that and my language is a lot more parallel to yours definitely it was a sin when i was young buck.
Yes i shouldn’t music from the stage with business ghost rider like wait a second i’m looking for.
Roses with singing and poems on the front screen
set babes in this conversation with us i do you have any sense anytime because it’s
yes live like you just did it does have a feeling okay i am married this is your wife saying walkin’ blues what you suppose to do remember that i like this station like it’s obviously a person.
Play billie nice play with what i do as a business clearly is it.
We don’t have the identity of our business as a speaker identity your way better to have loved personality in it,
fuels maybe not be a speaker speaker.
Yes i’m separate from the business.

[46:12] Yeah but it’s not a coincidence like if you were cynical jerk it would never be any good at this business.
Play your life is now behind a good for hurricane,
i think it’s not.

[46:34] Which adventure somewhere slightly different but we do all together but we’re different cheat sheet less than that i am she’s less complimentary that i am.
What color i think she’s awesome still lovely.
What is there is someone that makes a stronger both in the business side of our our work end the stage delivering the actual casino the influence my weather not you believe what you talking talking about weather not use that language,
ever just feeling like dang it they will benefit if they hear this i’m i know what i am saying is true and i’m the right kind of to deliver it.
Change the things doesn’t yeah you have been thinking i’m not her ably,
i haven’t been buried active in like manor gotta write a book of people need to hear me i’m gonna get on social media put all my stuff out there,
yes people here what is in my heart not people bombarding.
One three social media that they wanna be heard and i’m not really position that i need you to hear what i have to say.

[47:57] So it’s a little thing about that lake just last few days so we have a conversation,
i don’t like help people well maybe not this not if you don’t like they you should listen to me i’m working hard.
Yes backaz people don’t cuz there’s a lot no ones out there.
I don’t have like this urgency like this message i would like people
i want to work really hard to you hear everything i have to say.
Set your find yourself no place like you balance play that’s how you feel.

[48:48] I don’t think people are listening to social media that way and so weather not u and put a like deep frase greg hawks,
yes i don’t really know if that is getting what is fundamentally greg out in the world.
Is much is doing what you do i know you’re building relationships in win the relationship is right what you are in front of a audience and you are.
That is why are doing you still doing it you just saying maybe instagram isn’t my medium.
Yeah yeah interaction is so really powerful for me.

[49:24] Yes you’re not there the wild maybe three four years ago i guess i need instagram accounts
so i paid somebody to put up lil peep quote bread montgomery over and out of focus me it was super drags and.
Are there any numbers when up a little bit the followers but then i cannot woke up in real life who is gonna book me cause of instagram.

[49:55] Any what’s i decided really none of my clients are shopping me on instagram it was such a good feeling to say like i don’t care but instagram.
Tell me which manic like wondering let’s see the metrics of this type of coach seems to do better than a type a coat was not healthy.
Yeah that i’m still like the moon primary metric in
working opportunities
ok what i’m doing at this point is girls like myself pressing but i won’t get to common any of because of you,
growing business.

[50:39] Yes alexa trip if i ever seen callaway speaker that i need my hair and
i said forget all these things if he means things like standing ovation but i think now he would say it like instagram and neiked in facebook he would say you know it’s really good measure of success if they come up afterwards and say i need you to speak to mayans.
Right that down there was a detour with instagram.

[51:13] What was let’s talk virtual mr year ago the pandemic started and lot of people like me better figure out how to do this thing and then,
a few people like bread montgomery said it looks like greg hawks started this thing way before the band.
Right you are already you have a studio you’re getting good on it.
Yes already have quip meant by have some lives have a couple cameras.

[51:44] Add an item basic video editor like i understand audio video way i can use from here in adobe very basic minimum,
end so yes for the first part of the pandemic and mark murphy april may we did five days a week.

[52:05] Resume interactions osuna business manager on tuesday thursdays.

[52:11] I didn’t monday wednesday friday just to say it was just for me wasn’t business it was like
monday is you can do it thirty minute consult calls boom just talk about anything business like wednesday’s was my favorite thing and really everybody’s better things i did a hunter,
so just like hey if you’re company on let’s all of every gaither and allan rayman never showed up fifteen twenty three people,
for five people tell me something i don’t know proud of this week something you struggling with everybody is you think you help with this person that struggling
so i did that really created a little community on wednesdays and fridays i did
i am unable door as we proceed just playing dreams by offices and soder people like that styles p turn on my camera and i want to work in two hours two hour away to belize domains
hello work from home and delain right off the bat and so we bought ten domain
see ya of sales h. one lost in my mind sarah did tuesdays and thursdays like specific once proven professional first,
can we do that for like three months through to june and i was just for my own sanity,
hey portal find about these meetings find out about them opportunity cost the only like landing to my primary social network that’s right relationships.

[53:38] That’s right that’s right like the most since i just put them out weekly out of pig snapshots and have a conversation
that’s all the domain was just short cuts at the zoo south so easy market dying on any of that wasn’t active,
play the middle that minnesota love without you right now one of my clients and i know the better rouge karen sandy,
take off me and like beginning of april their christmas on october nineteen we think we get back together,
i said breaking for them and slaughter things over the years never let you down creative your fun what should we do,
i would like let me sink of what i can put together so i lyrics design what i’m doing now.
Because they prompt me all last let me put some together that i can be really fun for you guys in,
i would love in something i wanna be a part of and people are zoom fifty yang now american tired of being alone stepchild i don’t think so.

[54:55] Back dat can about dan and put it in a curated and i told a couple of casino relational hey i’m doing some of these things and sam fender smaller down taxi’s here north texas conference is going from.
Important to virtual instincts weeks so they were you know back in the day remix hold netflix maia wright back together we did it so,
they brought me in an instant weeks with the whole thing put it on download,
north texas bracelet mustafa inside overspel conference’s go on location and broadcast from their and it went.
Better than expected in amazon.
July better for the audience and when better for them as host seven and so it was really really fun and i loved it.
End so just kind of involved from there u go take your virtual guard to their location.

[55:59] Right that’s the difference there’s a honey difference sweet sauces about what makes how we conference produced unique the first.
For all for lost these people like i wanna to montana helena montana in the end of january montana week association not that kinda like.
But it’s a create a unified sensation when you’re like broadcasting from,
grandma zero of that organizations business and so i thought the association state.
I’m in argo there and nf because it,
it’s the people in the virtual audience open weird sense of connection to la on montana and their coming from illenium on my goals list and alkilados live,
start a structure that’s life i’m alive in spanish insert myself as design the day is halloween builders trout and then it,
no the people who are he knows have been live in ruben social business and follow cdc business.

[57:14] Yes really create a different dynamic for spice universal competiton beneficial conferences that i haven’t produced,
enable that some of them can be buried.
Engage in this life and so it was the association from the office of the association.
Well this is normal in north texas isn’t it a pity this is office because we do location monsters one of the things i help it is how to
help exhibitors find value universal conference
which there is more value for exit liverpool conference their tonight in person gathering educated inside help with that toe this place we actually used hotel.
Instead of paying for hotel general week somebody pays to be at their located so that i might uncover you from so am i offices and their sponsoring us for this so it’s a,
exit opportunity to broadcast from and so we had application sponsor in montana,
what we also when we’re high physically in a hotel and hala use my smart big balls trading spaces bigger than us.

[58:41] Bring that is a good idea but the sponsor i’ve got fuck love
great virtual vendor ideas that specially like talk to sarah last week i said i think i’m gonna host a webinar just for explorers for virtual conferences cause learn enough this year,
that i know how to xzibit i don’t have caused exhibitors to get burbank for their box.
Any important conversate ever had an income people still are approaching an entirely wrong.

[59:17] Set a call set up weather how are other people approaching it in why is it wrong,
there approaching it avage approaching in person gathering and that’s really there there making missed i gotta go stand people,
no host of this conference doesn’t get to do the conference way like to the audien don’t get in my way used to this speakers,
any weird acquire near what you did at investigating just like you announce,
if you’re coming in stand in boots and complaining about nobody of my birth conference come into my room both starting from a wrong dishes,
that’s on you soccer cause this is a new world away surprise people so for me to the.
The great.
The two words the coming to play are passivity if you come the conference and your impassive,
you turn on lewis black everybody else is nobody else but you and the greatest bits style to a personal conference is access,
the amount of access bender gibson a virtual conference significantly greater than a person.

[1:00:36] Help.

[1:00:39] What’s up help un you want a brand not now a get into what i said for like my,
clients i got their top two people i give you one so we have please
i don’t let me know when the first one
no reason claptone hulu i love this platform who sold on every event i do that i have to buy everytime and i love them i love the the platform so,
yes a simple the basic ones that we get to everybody
we’re gonna be invited attendees into the hoovela platform two weeks before the conference a great designated timer speakers,
switch before the flood bad times online cut the conference so they have a week to build their little site.

[1:01:41] You there negative take it easy until attendee show up,
only will arnett haywyre the tennessean access one week from now crap together looking good.

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