I just got back from… get ready to be jealous… Parsons, Kansas where I was a motivational humorist speaker for the Labette County Medical Center.

For whatever reason, I’ve done a ton of work speaking in the health care world, and was happy to go to Parsons. This was a group of good people.

I met one guy who called that section of rural Kansas “God’s Country.” Like many of the hospital staff there, he was born and bred in SW Kansas. I can tell you this: if that room was representative of the population of SW Kansas, I can see the draw. They were some really great people. Special people.

No wonder folks who grow up there stay; it’s a nice place.

We did a Doctor’s Appreciation event at the (again, get jealous…) Parsons Country Club. It was a beautiful venue, and I gotta say, I was just blown away by the whole event.

If that group of medical and health care professionals had half as good a time as I did, we should be ok.

Thanks so much for having me folks! It was a hoot!

Brad Montgomery
Health Care Motivational Speaker, Kansas Speaker, Fan of Labette County!

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