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A Speaker and Client Success Story

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I recently worked as a motivational speaker in Sheboygan, Wisconsin for a fantastic company called Acuity Insurance. I love all of my clients, but easily the most rewarding ones are those that set me up for success.  Acuity was that AWESOME client.

Setting This Speaker Up For Success=Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck!

I was flattered when they hired me to speak to their team in commercial underwriting and risk management. These are very good people who work very hard in a job that most of us don’t really understand. My job as an insurance speaker was to reinforce and reiterate their strong and positive culture, while also firing them up with a bit of passion, meaningfulness, and purpose.

This Group Did it All Right

Setting up the audience by warning them what to expect from me is essential.  For the Acuity event, the group came ready to laugh.  When the audience knows that laughter will be the backdrop for the strategies and takeaways I present, the message resonates deeper.

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Audio Visual Success Story

The audiovisual equipment was perfect. People were comfortably seated and could easily see and hear what I was doing. This might sound obvious, but it’s surprising how often this basic need goes unfulfilled.

In Sync with Upper Management 

My favorite part by far was that upper management clearly believed everything I said and vice versa. When the audience hears one message from me and knows that it’s completely contrary to what their management team believes, there’s a mammoth disconnect. I’m a good motivational speaker, but overcoming a difficult culture with a single motivational program never works out as well as everyone hopes. 

Supporting the Company Culture

For this gig in Wisconsin, I was hired to support, reiterate, and generally further ideas that the audience already knew had company wide support. No, I wasn’t a parrot mimicking the words of their CEO. Instead, I was delivering my own message that is 100% aligned with what they have been hearing internally.  A perfect fit.

Breaking Bread and Making New Friends

Prior to the event, I was lucky enough to share a delicious meal with three absolute rock stars from Acuity.  They shared local flavor, company culture and company lore, as well as a lot of laughs. It was great to spend time with people I admire and respect. And it was great to make three new friends. Neil, Kate, Debbie—I mean you!   

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Biography of a Motivational Speaker

Brad Montgomery speaks to a myriad of groups each year, sharing words of wisdom that enable audiences to make immediate improvements in their work and in their relationships. Brad brings incredible value to each group with his ability to impact audiences from all walks of life and all levels of service within organizations.  And of course, he’s hilarious. 

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