Look for the CSP!

Good news and bad news… I got my paperwork today for my renewal of my CSP.

The Certified Speaking Professional is the highest earned designation of the National Speakers Association. It is the meeting planners mark of excellence. In order to earn it, a speaker has to have a long list of happy clients, earned a certain amount of money (which supposedly proves that we’ve done a bunch of work at a pro level) and had our clients back up our professionalism and excellence.

The good news is that it’s an honor; it’s also a royal pain in the butt because of the paperwork.  (The bad news.)
Now I find that I’ll have to go through a re-certification process. Oye.

I’ll do it… it’s worth it. I think my clients appreciate the CSP.. it helps them know we are pros.

But still… oye!

Brad Montgomery
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  1. Steve Mertz
    Steve Mertz says:

    Brad, It’s a well deserved honor for you. Thanks for being my friend even though I am not a CSP!! You do a great job on your blog about sharing your experiences with us-Great Job! Steve

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