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Getting the right intro (and the right introducer) are crucial for your success.

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Here are some tips and thoughts to make sure you have what you need:


Introductions are crucial!

A good introduction is crucial. It can make the difference between a good program and a great program. This professional introduction was developed to endure success.  Please do not deviate from it by adding personal remarks.  You’ve invested to have Brad there with you… Please know that following this script will help you get the most from your investment.

•Read the entire introduction word-for-word.  Please do not ad lib any words, such as, “I’ve been asked to read this…”

•If you would like to make announcements or have anything else that needs to be said, please do so before you start the introduction. This is a great time to mention why you chose Brad, why your folks need to learn from Brad, etc. It’s also a great place for any housekeeping items. But once you start the intro, please go word-for-word. (When you say the words, “please welcome Brad Montgomery” the program will start. You can’t go back and add something like, “Remember to fill out your evaluations.” The program will be going, music will be playing, and Brad’s very carefully crafted start will be in full swing.)

•Brad will joke about himself during introduction – while you are speaking. Don’t be surprised. Generally speaking, every time you see a “*” pause long enough for Brad to deliver a prepared comment. You don’t have to do anything other than allow him time to make the joke.

•Speak loudly, clearly, and slowly.

•The more energy you put into the intro, the better it will be. Let the audience know that YOU are excited to see this program.

•Have fun. Brad appreciates your help more than you may guess. Because a good intro is crucial.

Questions or comments? Need anything else to make this event a success? Contact me here. Remember, our goals are identical: we both want to create the best event for you ever. So don’t be shy, pick up the phone or contact us now.

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