I just got this shot of me (I’m the tiny guy in front!) working for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kanas. In someways it was typical of employee appreciation speech or program in that we did the same program several times. It was impossible to both pull the entire staff at the floor at the same time (who’d answer the phones?) and there just plain wasn’t enough room in the … er… room.

insurance speaker

They asked me to be a motivational speaker who delivered a motivational speech that was 1) very funny, 2) customized around their company, their issues, and their jargon, and 3) centered around a message of thanks for a job well done, and 4) very funny. (Yeah, I know I said it twice… it was super important. )

If the comments from their folks were a decent barometer, mission accomplished.

It was fun being their insurance motivational speaker. Thanks guys!

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Corporate Comedian, Insurance Speaker

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