Here’s a really cool testimonial from my peeps at the Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance.   It feels nice to speak for a client and know their happy afterwards.  Thanks for taking the time, Kenneth!

Here’s what he said.

I’m Ken McCardle and I’m the Vice President Information Technology for Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance.  And we’re right here in beautiful Savannah Georgia at the Hyatt.  And we just got done hearing Brad Montgomery speak.  And Brad, you are a great investment for our people here.  The economy on the downturn and the way it is, it helped uplift the spirits of our people with a tailored presentation.  It picked us a little bit and some of the challenges we have in the workplace.  But it helped us take these challenges and we’ve taken back with people who better uplifted spirits now.  And can meet the challenges of the workplace with a better attitude.  That reflects in productivity.

Well, one of the missions of this particular conference is for our people to have a chance to socialize with each other, to get to know their peers from the other states that they don’t get a chance to see everyday but they talk with them.  And so it was a great opportunity for them to laugh with their peers to build that rapport.

We’re an insurance company too, much like AIG.  And with the issues of AIG you know we’re looking for productivity.  And productivity is a lot better when you have people who are smiling, has a ‘can do’ attitude.

Yes, you might be shopping multiple people but we had a referencing from our sales organization to use Brad Montgomery.  And of course sales people are very outgoing people.  So when we look at people like IT, accounting, human resources, and lawyers, you really need someone who can pick up the spirits of these people.

Aw Shucks Kenneth.  It was my total pleasure.

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Brad Montgomery
Insurance Speaker, Georgia Speaker, Fan of Farm Bureau!

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