Yippee! Success as a Insurance Motivational Speaker

Just did a fun job in KS.   It was a weird one:   I woke up early for a flight, saw it was delayed 6 hours, (which meant I’d miss my date.)  After checking Google Maps, I literally ran downstairs, jumped in the car and started driving towards Kansas.   I spent the first hour on the phone with the airlines trying to figure a way to make it the easy way.  No luck.

So I drove about 425 miles and made it w/ 25 minutes to spare!   Then, because there isn’t a whole lot in the middle of Kansas, I got in the car and drove home.

But it was worth it;   I met and spoke to a group of insurance pros who really deserved an outside perspective.  They needed a laugh.  And they needed motivation.   I was thrilled to be the guy.  Happily, it went well.   Check out the letter they sent me


We are so thrilled with your presentation to our group on

Business Speaker Brad Montgomery

Monday.  We have been hearing nothing but rave reviews from everyone.  The agents have said consistently that you were the best keynote speaker we have had in a long time.  Larry Riley was very impressed with your presentation and your willing to get to the meeting despite the cancelled flight.

We greatly appreciate everything you did.  You went above and beyond for our group.  Please know that it was noticed and we have been passing your name to the other states to use in their meetings.  We have already discussed booking you for our big annual meeting in 2014.  Some home office employees that were there were very impressed also and would like to use you in the future.

I hope you found your time and effort worthwhile with our group.  I cannot believe you were able to get some of the participants in the audience to actually take part in the flash mob, that was truly amazing. I enjoyed working with you and your whole staff, everyone was very great to work with.

Thank you again.

Farm Bureau Financial Services

Aw shucks!   Thanks Kids!

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