In Service Day at New Mexico College Ruined By Laughter | Brad Montgomery

I was just working at San Juan College in New Mexico. They wanted a motivational speaker for this “in service day” who could fire up their troops, but then stay and work more in depth with the group about how specifically these hard working staffers could incorporate the humor and laughter as a tool at work.

Lucky me! I got the job. We were there for a half-day seminar and keynote, and we had a ball.

[Link to my post about the trip to this New Mexico College.]

Are you looking for a motivational speaker, keynote, seminar or humor in the workplace expert for your group? Wondering how you can tell if they can fit your specific needs?

Check out these testimonials for more info. My hope is that you’ll think I’m a good fit and you’ll give me a buzz. Link. In-Service Speaker? Pick me! :)

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