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Scott Friedman is a good friend. Like me, he is a Colorado Motivational Humorist Speaker and uses humor to help groups deal with change, morale, and retention and recruitment. He’s funny; and he’s smart.

Scott also has a chapter in my first book, Humor Me: America’s Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter.

One of my favorite things about Scott though (and there are many — he’s a good friend) is that he taught me the value of a two dollar bill. It turns out that a $2 bill is worth WAY more than $2. Thanks to Scott, I use them to tip all the time. For the bag check, for the hotel’s housekeeper…. for anybody for whom a couple of bucks might be the ticket.

But here is the brilliance: most people LOVE $2 bills. To them, the value is worth way more than the … well….value.

So next time you need tip somebody… try doing it with a $2 bill and watch the good humor you’ll create.

Thanks Scott!

Colorado Motivational Humorist Speaker

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