Create Contageous Laughter at the Touch of a Button.

What Would it Mean to You If You Could Share Laughter Any Time You Like?

Laughter is Contagious. And now you can spread the joy anytime you like. Easily play laughter sounds on demand, prank others with a laugh-delay timer, and create your own customized playlist. Start the laughter with your iPhone® today.

Funny iPhone App

iLaughOutLoud is a hilarious iPhone® and iTouch® App that plays over 30 different high quality, professionally recorded laughs. Laughter is contagious, and when play these laughs we dare you to not chuckle along with them.
(Besides — pranking your pals w/ this app rules!)

"Hilarious! ... I totally pranked my sister!"
— Laura B. Denver, CO

We've pro-recorded the funniest and most infectious laughs from:

"Simple, clean, contagious fun. WAY more than a buck's worth!"
— Mark M. Tucson, AZ



This iPhone App is Funny!

Looking for a way to create happiness in a world that seems dead set against it? Science proves that laughter makes us feel good.... iLaughOutLoud will make you feel great.


"... Worth ten times as much as it costs!! I use it at my meetings.... funny!"
— Lisa B. Houston, TX

Are you looking for a simple, affordable way to liven up your friends, your work mates, and your family? Looking for a sure-fire safe practical joke? Looking to add a smile to your day?

The fun will last WAY longer than that latte' you're drinkin' right now, and 1/4 the price. : ) Buy it now and find out what the fuss is about.

Come on, you're just 99¢ away from laughing right now. Download the funny iLaughOutLoud App from the App Store now.

"Just as funny for kids as adults ... killer multi-generational entertainment."
— Kim W. Wilmington, Delaware

Buy iLaughOutLoud now. You'll be glad you did. Really. Seriously. Buy it now. :)



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Instructions | How In the Heck Do I Use this Laughter Sounds App?




Select a favorite laugh, then tap LAUGH to hear the chosen chuckle.

LOOP: Pick a laugh and tap LOOP to have that laugh repeat (until you stop it by tapping LOOP again.)

DELAY: Choose any laugh, set a time delay, and the laugh will start after that delay.

PLAYLIST: Create a list of your favorite laughs, sort them into any order, then tap laugh.


Laughter is contagious, and science proves it! Laughter makes us feel good. And in these complex and difficult times we need laughter more than ever. It's a positive, feel-good sound — what else do you need to endorse it? We dare you to find your favorite laugh, put it on Loop, and then try to not smile. We dare you. Go ahead....give it a go.


How Can YOU iLaughOutLoud?



• Sit with your friends and listen to your favorite laughs.

• Pick a favorite laugh, set the delay and hide the phone in the refrigerator. Ask your victim to "Get me the milk, please." Time it so they hear laughter as the fridge opens.

• In a bar and some dweeb hits on you? Use iLaughOutLoud to laugh in their face!

• Monday mornings got you down? Laugh out of it with a healthy dose of iLaughOutLoud.

• Get yourself going in the morning with an earful of mirth.

• Prank your spouse while he or she's in the shower.

• Loop your favorite laugh and put the iPhone in your purse or backpack. When people look at it or inquire, just shrug it off and say, "What?! He likes it in there!"

At Work:
• When you take a business call (on a different phone), start playing random laughing sounds with iLaughOutLoud. When your caller hears the laughter you can say things like:

"I just told my boss about your offer."

"Sorry, one of the elephants got loose again."

"Sheila! Not now!"

"Larry! Put your pants back on!"

• When your manager leads a meeting with one of those stupid "Let me read you something funny from the internet."

In Your Cubicle:
• Have a conversation in your work cubical. Have a fake conversation with you doing the "talking" and the iPhone doing the laughing. Since your neighbors can hear — but not see — you, they'll assume you have a very fun visitor. The conversation might go like this:

"So then I call Larry over..... " (Laugh!)

"And you'll should have seen the look on his face...." (Laugh!)

"I know! It was crazy!" (Laugh!)

"I said, 'Larry, the meeting is cancelled!" (Laugh!)

".... and he just looked at me!" (Laugh!)

"I just said, 'Larry, put on your pants!" (Laugh!)

More Cubicle Fun:
• Does the officemate in the next cube talk really loud on the phone? With the most intimate details about their life? Well, fire up some laughs at full volume. The more they talk, the more you keep the laughter going. Use laughter of the opposite sex so it's obvious it's not you laughing. When "Mr. or Miss TMI" finally says, "Do you mind?" you can reply with "Funny, you took the words right out of my mouth."

Parents of Young Children or Babies:
• Loop your favorite Baby Laugh and put the iPhone in your baby stroller and walk around the grocery store. (With or without a baby.)

• Hide the iPhone with a delayed laughing baby in a drawer or box. Invite your mother-in-law over. (Of course the real baby is safe in the crib.)

• Do you know anybody with a baby? Set the delay on a baby laugh and hide the phone where the baby ISN'T. Enjoy the fun.

How To Freak Out Your Parents
• Have this same type of fake conversation when you are alone in your bedroom. (Use a laugh of the opposite sex.)

• Pick your favorite opposite-sex laugh, hide the iPhone in the next room while you're eating with your folks. When they hear the laugh an ask "Who was that?", you just act guilty and say, "Er, nobody."

• Call your folks (from a different phone) and then have iLaughOutLoud laughing in the background. When they ask you who you're with, just be coy and enjoy the fun.

• Cue baby laugh while talking to your mom and say, "Sorry, the baby just woke up from her nap." (Imagine how this might surprise your mom who thinks you're single!)

Dressing Room at Department Store:
• Help your friend carry in clothes for her to try on. Set the delay; 20 seconds later when she's got her pants off the iPhone will laugh at her.

Doctor's Office:
During those most uncomfortable exams---for guys, the prostate exam, for women, the mammogram----have the laugh go off. Freak out the doctor!

• When the server says, "My name is Tad and I'll be your server today", Tad needs to be laughed at. If nothing else, it will get Tad out of his 'auto-pilot 'my name is Tad' mode and in a fun mode, which translates to better service.

• Create and play a long PLAYLIST of your favorites. Put the iPhone in your shirt pocket as you place your fast food order. Keep a straight face. (If you can.)

In an Elevator.
• Pick a laugh. Any laugh, and just Loop it. But you've got to keep a straight face the whole time. Promise you will. Pinky swear. Do it with 4 friends in the elevator and all of you keep a straight face while other folks join you.

In School:
• At the risk of getting sent to the principal's office......this is a must for students dealing with that teacher who is just 'way' too serious. The baby one works well here, too. Or even the teenage girls one, because while
everyone in the room is looking serious and proper, 'who knows who' is having far too much fun than should be allowed in the classroom.

To End an Argument?
• Let's face it, you can't be angry if you're laughing. These laughs are so infectious, that if you bring them out during a heated argument, they'll eventually work their charm. It may take a few minutes, but it might save a friendship.

Airports and Airplanes
• When sending your iPhone through the security xray machine, have it set at full volume and LOOPing your favorite laugh. Get some extra love from TSA!

• This works well during the pre-flight instructions or when the captain makes any announcements at all. Just don't do it during airport security!

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