I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brad Montgomery

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend motivational speaker Brad Montgomery

If someone asked me, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brad Montgomery. I think he can be a great help to your organization.  And I encourage everybody out there to consider Brad Montgomery when you’re looking into a motivational speaker.

You know there is a non-traditional approach to a motivational session with all of your employees.  But I thought the approach worked well.

Our organization works hard and we face a number of challenges and problems in our daily business.  And we decided to use Brad Montgomery in an all-employee meeting to face some of those challenges.

I’ll tell you this, I’m glad we used Brad. He was terrific. He interjected humor and levity into a presentation that was inspirational and fun and really had our people engaged.

You know Brad was funny and his humor was excellent. But the way he was able to intertwine humor and levity with some of the business challenges that we face and make the program meaningful to all of our employees I thought really worked well.  And I admire his ability to take those kind of tactics and immerse them into discussion and the back and forth with the audience that we had going.  It was excellent.

These days it’s very difficult to get through to staff. They work hard, they’re separated in many instances and yet he was able to I think reflect on a number of points that were positive and injected energy into our staff.  And that was important. That was something we needed coming out of the meeting and Brad certainly did that.

And I would tell anybody out there, if you get the chance, use Brad Montgomery.  He can be very helpful to your business in allowing you to get your employees together, achieve your goals, and become a more successful operation, and a better operation.

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