I got a hoot out of this blog post about sick day calendars.
Although I think this is funny, but it’s also a bit sad. To me the basic premise of these types of jokes is sad: that we hate our jobs so much we need to create lies to stay out of work. My goal is — and I’m convinced all of our goals — should be to have a job that we ENJOY enough to want to go to.

I don’t want to hate my job. And who would? Your choices are simple: either get a job that you like, or find a way to like your job. Need some help? Check out my motivational seminars and speeches.

But in the meantime, check out this blog post: – BLOG – Official 2007 Sick Day Calendar
Easter: It can’t be “Good” Friday if you have to punch in. Plus, you need to recharge and resurrect your career. Call in sick on Friday, April 6. Those chocolate bunnies also gave you a tummyache. Take an extra day to find missing eggs and digest that lamb on Monday, April 9.

Memorial Day: Use the official start of summer to plan how you’ll call in sick for the next three months. By taking Friday, May 25 and Tuesday, May 29 off, you’ll show your boss that this summer, you’re using ALL of your days.

Independence Day: It’s a holiday based around independence. Show your employer that you’re a true individual by giving yourself Thursday, July 5. A necessary day to recover from BBQ overload.

Funny Stuff. But I still think you wanna find a way to like your job.


Brad Montgomery
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