HYBRID MEETINGS What You Need to Know

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From an expert in Hybrid Meetings—Brad Montgomery

Not long ago, pre-pandemic, hybrid and meeting seemed like two words that had no place together. Now, the word hybrid is a pretty common term referring to gatherings of all types that include both a live and virtual element.  As a online motivational speaker, my ability to offer hybrid events is a way to connect with far more people than was preciously possible.  Engaging two groups at once has become a challenge I thrive on delivering.

When the pandemic kicked in, my work as a funny motivational speaker came to a screeching halt. But then came a silver lining.  I can actually reach MORE people and OFFER more value with virtual events.  And with the new zoom culture, the opportunity for laughs is endless.  Who knew Zoom doesn’t have to suck?

When online meetings and virtual events became the norm during the pandemic, I jumped onboard and invested in studio equipment and technology that could make my virtual events rock.  I’m proud of the progress I have made with my offerings as a virtual motivational speaker. I know I can rock the virtual house!

While live events are taking off once again, there are still some folks that feel more comfortable being part of an audience virtually.  Here’s where hybrid come into play.  Hybrid meetings offer a way for companies and meeting planners to involve so many more players.  

It’s a new challenge to engage with two audiences at once.  But I have found ways to keep the online folks just as engaged as those right in the room.  I have also relied on a my rapport with the audio visual folks to make sure the technology is as hassle free as possible.  It’s been a long standing policy of mine to always connect with the audio visual people prior to a gig, and now it is even more important to keep the technology piece flowing.

Meeting and event planners know that hybrid events are here to stay.  My goal as a both a traditional and virtual motivational speaker is to be the the easiest part of the meeting planning process. I’ve got your back—no matter what type of event you are planning.