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Not if they know Shawna Schuh, a hilarious business ettiquette speaker!

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Shawna Schuh is the owner and constant contributer to BusinessGraces.com. In this podcast, Shawna discusses her totally indirect path to her current role as a highly sought-after (and very funny) business speaker. She talks about her unexpected path through Finishing School and reign of Miss Hillsborough Happy Days, and how the skills and techniques she learned in finishing school actually applied to business.shawna schuh

She is a veteran of entertainment, television, radio, and a dozen other bizarre jobs, all of which have brought her to current job.

Currently based in Oregon, she talks about rudeness, how to handle it gracefully, and how we might better use humor to achieve confidence in these awkward social and business moments.

She’s funny; she’s fun; and in this audio recording she explains her start into the business humorist world.

Do you think somebody who has taught Finishing School has something to teach you? Think your business can get forward if you learn how to gracefully add humor to your skill set? If the answer to eaither of those questions is yes, then this podcast is for you.

Brad Montgomery
Motivational Humorist, Podcaster, Fan of Business Etiquette

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