Or so says my friend Dr. Brad Neider. Brad is a very funny Colorado humorist and speaker who happens to be a medical doctor. It’s been fun to be friends with guy; he is smart, he is funny, and he is just plain good at his speaker job. He bills himself as the Healthy Humorist.

His comedian niche is to be a speaker who more or less makes fun of the entire health care system. And since he is a medical doctor, his take is pretty darned funny.

One of my favorite jokes comes from Brad. I don’t have it exactly right, but it is something like, ‘Humor is the best medicine. Unless you’ve recently had your kidney removed. In that case morphine is the best medicine.”

He is a funny health care speaker. And a Colorado pal to boot.

(No idea what “to boot” means, but my Granny assures me it is something like, “also.”)

Brad is part of my first book, Humor Me: America’s funniest humorists on the power of laughter.

Health Care Speaker and Humorist
Colorado Humorist and comedian

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