This is a fun blog posting about how Johnson Space Center uses a huge dose of humor in their workplace. Check it out:

collectSPACE – news – Hall of humor welcomes astronauts home

Hall of humor welcomes astronauts homeSeptember 25, 2006 — “Words with more letters than ‘Heidemarie Martha Stefanyshyn-Piper” reads one sign.

“Have you seen me?” begins another, which is designed to resemble the back of a milk carton. Underneath, is a photo of a fastener captioned as “Missing since 9/12/06”.humor in space

Perhaps they should look up: hanging overhead is a large piece of styrofoam painted and cut in the shape of a bolt.

These and many more flyers, signs and decorations were awaiting the crew of space shuttle Atlantis as they came back to Johnson Space Center on Monday, their first day at work since landing from space on September 21.

This ‘hallway of humor,’ courtesy of their trainers, leads between the parking lot and the astronauts’ offices inside JSC’s Building 4 South. It has become a custom for the returning astronauts to relive the funny moments — and perhaps embarrassing ones too — from their training and mission, hung in full view of all of their coworkers.

I love it! Imagine the power of this humor when it comes to teamwork, morale building, worker satisfaction, and their desires to perform well. Awesome. Now imagine how different the “feel” would be if they put up a banner that read, “Welcome home even though you screwed up that damn bol you losers!”

Think Humor in the Workplace is important? You betcha! And these rocket scientists proved that it doesn’t take a bunch of money, a ton of time, or any special skills. Did they bring in a corporate comedian or motivational humorist speaker to do this for them? No…here is the genius: they just gave permission and encouraged this type of work culture and the rest followed.

Out of sight. (And outer space.)

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