When speaking to Superior Essex at an event in St. Louis, Missouri we were talking about ultra specific ideas we could use humor in our workplace.

I mentioned that one of my favorite ideas is to use humor in my email signature, and mentioned a fake legal disclaimer at the end of one of my signature.

Check this out: the day before one of the guys in the office had received an email from a fellow Superior Essex employee with a mock legal disclaimer. Here it is:

DISCLAIMER: This e-mail, including attachments, is intended for the person(s) to whom it was sent and may contain outrageous claims and bald-faced lies. Unauthorized disclosure, copying or use of this information may result in a can of whoop-ass being opened on you and is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please inform the intended recipient you agree with this message. Thank you.

I think it is hilarious, and proves how easy it is to use humor at work.

Think this email signature is over the top? Think it pushes the envelope too far? I don’t.  I love it.

Check out more about the humor in the workplace seminar I did here.

Brad Montgomery
Missouri Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Fan of Fun Email Signatures

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