There is more and more scientific evidence for about the healing power of humor. (Check out the American Association of Theraputic Humor for more on this weird and cool connection between humor and health.) If I worked in health care, there is no way I wouldn’t order me up a buschul full of these bad boys!

Check out these sterile face-masks with printed animal faces.

These “Get Well Soon Masks” are sterile hospital masks intended to evince a smile from sick people — less creepy and mouthless than the traditional mime-white version.

(Thanks, Boing Boing!)

Your patient (and customer!) would have to be asleep to not react to you when you wear one of these goofy medical face masks. Not only would that be good for the patient (because, as I said before, humor heals.) But it would be good for business.

My point: humor in the workplace is fun. But it can create tangible and measurable benefits for you and your customers; it can change your bottom line. Take a chance; play!

Need a motivational speaker to speak to your hospital or health care group? Just need a laugh? Call me.

Brad Montgomery
Health Care Motivational Speaker, Humor & the Workplace Speaker and Consultant, Fan of Cat Faces

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