I was glad to see a local Colorado politician use some humor in this very funny, very genuine and authentic TV commercial.  (It doesn’t tell us much about his politics, but it is funny. And it proves he has a pulse, which is more than I can say for most of the cardboard-cutouts of politicians we’ve seen on the air lately.

It cracked me up. But mostly I was glad that at least ONE politician wasn’t afraid to actually have — and reveal — a personality.

In this era of Kerry’s foot-in-mouth-during-joke, it’s a relief to see that (at least local state politicians) are still willing to use humor as a tool. I still think that the big “take away” from the Kerry fiasco will be a greater reluctance to use humor (because people will be afraid of it.) Which is a crying shame. Laugh your way to the bank? You bet. I’d like to see more folks laugh their way into public office.
Brad Montgomery
Corporate Comedian, Keynote Speaker, Motivational Humorist

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