I wanted to give a shout out of thanks to my friend, fellow Colorado speaker and expert (and I mean expert!) facilitator for coaching me on a recent project. Sarah Michel is in my master mind group; we’ve been involved with Colorado Speakers Association together for years, and have been pals since we met.

She is at the top of her niche, she’s talented, and kind.  And most of all…. she is very, Very, VERY generous.
colorado speaker sarah michel
I was eager to learn a bunch of techniques from Sarah, and she was a rock star in answering my call. The main thing I was interested in learning is how to translate my message —that we need to take ourselves lightly while at the same taking what we do seriously — into action steps for my audience.

In other words, I wanted to do more than just teach my audiences about the importance of humor and laughter; I want them to leave with specific and usable humor tips and techniques that work for them. I wanted them to be able to make changes based on what they learned from our humor seminar.

Bottom line: it worked. And it never would have happened without Sarah’s continued help.  She is a star.
Sarah is a total pro, and her skills are awesome. And the fact that she shared so much of her knowledge with me is mind blowing.

Sarah is a rock star in so many ways.

Need some help in connecting to your clients, your co-workers, … with anyone?  (Sarah is a speaker and facilitator for all groups, but lately is specializing in the health care arena) Call Sarah!

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Brad Montgomery
Motivational Keynote Speaker, Colorado Resident, Humor Expert, Seminar Leader, Fan of Sarah Michel

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