In my last post I wrote of searching for beta testers for my How to Be a Comedian program, Humor College. We had a bunch of really fun entries, but none were better than this one… it made me laugh.

Dear Mr. Montgomery,

We the daughters of Daniel Moirao and would like to give you the top ten
reasons our dad should be selected to beta test your humor college course:

10. Maybe he will finally have something of interest to talk about!
9. Make him as embarrassed as we are when his jokes fall to the floor!
8. He will find some other use for that red foam nose he has!
7. Move him from jokes that moan to jokes that groan!
6. That jokes can be funny the first time, maybe the second time, squeak
through on the third time, possibly a smile on the fourth . . . but the
fifth, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth, ninth . . . (get the point?)
5. You will keep him busy so he won’t keep us busy!
4. Get him to recognize the difference between a pun and a P.U.!
3. We can remind him that he his college degree from a non-accredited
institution when he reminds us about the importance of a college education!
2. Our dad is renowned at finding mistakes in others!

and the number one reason, you should select him is . . .

Are you ready for this? …drum roll please!

1. The money he saves by testing your beta site, he can spend on us!

Please, save the lives of two daughters and get him busy on something other
than our lives!
Thank you,
The two daughters of Daniel R. M.

I think it’s great. What do you think?

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