The sign reads: “Brad and Angelina are having a baby and I need money for a gift.”

I’d give his some money… would you?

How does this apply to you? Glad you asked.

This guy SURELY gets more money because of his funny sign then he would with a more typical “I’m down on my luck” sign. For him (I’m CERTAIN) humor works. It helps him reach his bottom line.

Yet I speak to groups across the country that fail to see the value of humor in their business. I’m amazed. Of course people prefer to do business with people they like. And lucky you, people like people who make them laugh (or smile, or grin or….)

Go get out there and take yourself — and your business — less seriously. And you’ll get more of what YOU want… you’ll improve your bottom line too.

Brad Montgomery
Humor in the Workplace Expert, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Fan of Humorous Business People

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