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Here’s a killer idea to improve the humor in your workplace courtesy of one of my clients, the Florida Department of Revenue.

They have “Anniversary Day.” It’s a killer idea in a good news / bad news format, … and you should steal it.

Somebody made up a tacky sign that says, “It’s my anniversary” on it. It’s made out of cardboard, has a string, and is meant to be warn around the neck like a necklace on the anniversary of the day that you started work at that office.

That’s the Bad News.

What’s the good news? Everybody else in the office has to give the Anniversary person a dollar on that day. They can use it to treat themselves to a lunch, or to a killer dinner with their spouse… whatever.
Of course, by the end of the year, you haven’t lost anything or gained anything… it’s a wash. But on your anniversary day, you get to FEEL rich. And on everybody else’s anniversary day you get to tease them about the dorky sign.

Result? More humor in the workplace, increased morale, and more fun. Net cost to the office, the managers, and the CEO? Zippo. Nada. Zilch.

All you need is:

1. Find (or elect!) somebody who is willing to make up that sign and you’re ready to rock. (So for those of you whining that your boss won’t enable you to incorporate any of these great ideas, you’re out of excuses here. : ) So stop your whining and get your craft supplies out and get started.
2. Find (or elect!) somebody to create and send a memo and send it to the troops. Get your boss to sign off on it, and you’re good to go. Don’t know how to write a decent memo? Don’t know what it should say? No sweat… I’ve done it for you. Click this link and we’ll GIVE you the memo for free! (Golly… this is easy!)

In pdf format: Anniversary-Memo.Pdf
In Microsoft Word format: anniversary.doc

What are you waiting for! Make this ritual part of your office culture today.

Earn gifts for free and be famous! When your office incorporates this Humor in the Workplace technique here, email me photos and details. I’ll blog you and I’ll send you something for your time. (I’m talking free stuff!)

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Brad Montgomery
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