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I just got the nicest email from one of my peers in the National Speakers Association, humorist speaker Bobbe White from Illinois. She read my article on how to test humor before going on stage, and flattered me with this cool email.

Thanks Bobbe. You go girl!

Good morning Brad,
I wanted to let you know that I tried your suggestion and it was unbelievable!!!
Spoke at a conference where the theme was “Going Green.” As a side activity, I invited attendees to where an accessory that was recycled in exchange for prizes. One guy wore a tie, get this…made out of the bag of dog food. It was a perfect windsor knot!!! He was a large, (very) man but the dog must’ve had a large bag ‘o food, because the tie was the perfect size. The crowd went nuts. But the woman who brought then house down was a little lady with surgical gloves blown up so they looked like real hands (sort of) and she painted the nails on the tips and there was a wedding band on the ring finger. I asked her if it was a real ring and she said no it was recycled. For some reason I asked her recycled from……? And she answered: “Recycled from Divorce!”

Thank you so much for letting the audience make my program . You are right on target. You can’t write copy like that!!!

Peace, love, recycle!


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