The Importance of Producing Your Motivational Speaker Correctly

We now present the ninth in a series of video articles about:
How to work with your motivational keynote speaker to get the most from your conference investment

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For those folks who would rather read than watch, here is the video transcript:

Hey, it’s Brad Montgomery with another video, a short video in getting the maximum return on investment for your motivational speaker or professional speaker. Here’s a tip of the day: produce the speaker. And by production we mean setting up all the little details to make sure that the speaker’s able to deliver up to the speakers potential.

Make Sure All the Little Details Are Taken Care Of

So this means that the little stuff like the microphones and the audio visual stuff like the computer or whatever your speaker needs, but also the set up the of the room, the lights in the room, the temperature of the room. These are very easy to forget. But yet those are the kinds of things that completely will sabotage a speaker and sabotage your event. And they’re so cheap, aren’t they? It’s so easy to make sure that those things are right.

So work ahead with your speaker and say, “What do you need from me as far as production goes,” and generally speaking, in my case I’ll send you a list via email. It’s a one page list of very simple audio visual things and room set up things. So it’s a snap. It’s easy.

But then also work with your venue, work with your hotel or convention center to say, “Here’s what my speaker needs. I can see here that nothing is crazy, nothing is expensive. Make sure that this happens.” If you take the time and this very small marginal investment to produce your speaker correctly, you’ll get way bigger bang for your buck than if you just hope that all of those things work out.

My name’s Brad Montgomery. I’d love to be a part of your team. I’d love to be produced and to help you make sure that that production goes smoothly and easily. Give us a call. You could reach us through

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